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Jeremy Lin Perspectives

HOWARD MEGDAL: It never occurred to me that I might root for a player as vociferously as Patrick Ewing. But Jeremy Lin might just get there for me.

ROBERT SHATZKIN: I’m scared to fully embrace the Linsanity. Continue reading

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Yao in Review

CHRIS PUMMER: Yao Ming’s legacy probably can’t stand on its own without considering the huge expectations that arrived with him before he even played an NBA game. Continue reading

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Shaq’s Legacy

AKIE BERMISS: Upon hearing that Shaquile O’Neal would be retiring from basketball this summer, I could only think: Say it ain’t so, Shaq! Continue reading

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The O.J. Simpson Verdict: 15 Years Ago

HOWARD MEGDAL: In many ways, I think of the O.J. Simpson case as dividing my life in half. The trial began around the time I turned 15, so at the moment, we’re talking about an equal amount of time before and after it. However, there are greater aspects to the dividing line than simply the chronological one.

STEPHON JOHNSON: The O.J. Simpson murder trial and verdict marked the beginning of my teenages years and made me hip to the dark side of America. Continue reading

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Isiah Thomas = Seven Years of Famine?

MIKE SILVA: The Case of Isiah Thomas is one of the most frustrating sports periods in New York history. Ironically, Zeke has been tied to the organization much longer than seven years as the “non deal” for Thomas back in 1994 might have cost the Knicks a title. Isiah came with a lot of flash and promises, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The reluctance of Knicks management to “break down” the roster after Patrick Ewing left was more the reason why a the team has been a failure for a decade. Former President Dave Checketts still regrets trading Ewing to Seattle in his walk year.

AKIE BERMISS: As a New York Knicks fan my hatred for Isaiah Thomas knows no bounds. I am aware that were, of course mitigating factors of all kinds, but as far as my heart is concerned Thomas was at the helm when my team hit the ice-berg. And while we were taking on water, he was stacking the deck chairs. I was never in the Garden to chant “Fire Isaiah!” — but only because I couldn’t bring myself to go to the Garden. Those were the dark days. Those were the times of no hope. Horrible as things seem now that was the winter of our discontent here in New York. Continue reading

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Patrick Ewing: Head Coach

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, a lifelong Patrick Ewing fan, seeing him become a head coach is about unfinished business. I want Patrick Ewing to win an NBA championship. But hearing that Ewing wants to be a head coach himself-well, who would be a better candidate?

JASON CLINKSCALES: The idea of Patrick Ewing as a future head coach may not be strange to those far removed from his heyday with the New York Knicks. However, but for those who followed his Hall of Fame career up close, it’ll take some eye-rubbing. Continue reading

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Reggie Miller’s Impact

STEPHON JOHNSON: Reggie Miller might have provided some show-stopping performances at Madison Square Garden, but without the New York Knicks, Miller doesn’t have a real legacy at all.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Just a brief bit to add to Stephon’s post. He mentioned in passing that Patrick Ewing was reliant on others to get him the ball. Problem is, others didn’t. Continue reading

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David Stern and LeBron

AKIE BERMISS: At the writing of this, the fate of LeBron James is unknown. Will he or won’t he? It’s been the primary question all season long. He’s led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the best record in the regular season, and into the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Continue reading

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Patrick Ewing Trade and Retrospective

STEPHON JOHNSON: Patrick Ewing revolutionized the 5-spot and the Knicks, somehow, are still feeling the mistakes management made in the twilight of his career.

AKIE BERMISS: I grew a Knicks fan in Brooklyn, New York. When I was 11, I played in the local “Junior Knicks” basketball league. I had a Knicks winter coat, a windbreaker, two or three jerseys, and more NYK tee-shirts than I can possibly remember. And every spring, around playoff time, I fell horribly behind on my homework and studying while I cheered the Knicks through their ups and (mostly) downs. I was (and still am) a die-hard Knicks fan. Didn’t matter that we never won a championship — there was always next year. Why? Because there was always Patrick Ewing.

CHRIS PUMMER: While Ewing’s ugly split with the Knicks might seem like the perfect bookend — both for an era when the center’s large talents forgave other roster flaws, as well as the franchise’s current funk — the Hall-of-Famer’s exit was not the first domino to fall in the team’s descent into irrelevance.

While Chris is correct about some poor contracts, none of the three he cites were responsible for roster-clogging disasters that came from the trade of Patrick Ewing. Continue reading

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Best Basketball Video Game: Lakers vs. Celtics or NBA Live ’95

HOWARD MEGDAL: While I don’t see the battle for supremacy among basketball video games as nearly so clear-cut as our discussion of baseball games last week, my choice in the end must be Lakers vs. Celtics, a perfect combination of time, place and realism.

STEPHON JOHNSON: While some may have attachments to games like Lakers vs. Celtics, the best basketball game of all time is also the most revolutionary one: NBA Live ’95. Continue reading

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