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Review: Friends With Benefits

Jessica Bader: From the moment I first saw a preview of Friends With Benefits, I knew I had to see it (which is saying a lot – I can usually count my annual trips to the movie theater on one hand). It seemed different from all of the other rom-coms, with at least as much focus on the comedy as the romance and protagonists who talked and behaved like real people. Friends With Benefits didn’t just meet the high expectations I had – it surpassed them. Continue reading

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Two Views of Whatever Works

HOWARD MEGDAL: Whatever Works didn’t.

AKIE BERMISS: All in all, it was a great film. And I DO mean film. Not a movie. Allen is a composer and his compositions betray his talent and dedication to craft. Much of what we find to be funny today owes its success to Allen’s wild invention days of the 70s. His anti-hero schlubbs, his idiosyncratic way of making New York a character in the story, his snappy dialogue — and on and on. Continue reading

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