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Modern Family: Baby on Board – Season Finale

KIP MOONEY: Now that’s a season finale! If only the Modern Family writers could churn out scripts like this. This season especially has shown their tendency to peak around holidays and sweeps and coast the rest of the time. But…

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Reflections on Go the Fuck to Sleep.. the Movie!

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: “Then the movie studios came a-calling, with Fox 2000 snapping up rights to the film version. Mr. Mansbach didn’t offer to write the screenplay, mainly because he has no idea how it could be done.”

CHRIS PUMMER: There’s probably no lack of possible directions for a Go the Fuck to Sleep movie. Nightly attempts to wrangle two toddlers into bed in my home sometimes turn out to be comedies, tragedies, action-adventure psychological thrillers. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 22

KIP MOONEY: I missed last night’s live broadcast because I was experiencing the glory of Fleet Foxes in concert. But the one thing my mom told me about tonight’s episode came true: Bring a legal pad with you’ll lose track of all the great one-liners.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agreed on most counts- I think the issue is less with using plot devices that are overused previously on other shows, however, and seeing those devices deviate from the characters themselves. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 17

KIP MOONEY: In the long run, I think this will become one of my all-time favorites because, while it doesn’t have the extreme punch lines of other great episodes, it earns major points for actually building on emotional moments instead of simply blind-siding us with sentimentality.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Tremendous episode, with all three plots working well together.

Agree with Kip that the writers need to be careful with narrowing Phil, but I also greatly enjoyed him within the framework here- both at the spa, and classically, in the encounter with Claire near the end of the show. Continue reading

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The Right Age to Start Wearing Makeup

ZOË RICE: Much more often than not, little girls want to be as girly as can be. Even if their parents steer them toward train sets, they want the dollies. I remember my Crayola makeup set–a bright red lipstick crayon and a bright light blue eye shadow crayon. I’m sure I looked like a painted hooker in that stuff. But oh, how I loved my cheap Crayola makeup.

SARA WELSH: Makeup should be explored and experimented with, but with the instruction and care of adults at a middle school age.

KATE KOWSH: Using my own eyeliner-rific high school yearbook photos as a cautionary tale to avoid retroactive self-loathing and uncleansable shame, I’d say the appropriate age to apply make-up for girls (and guys too, if they so choose) is too subjective to quantify numerically. But, perhaps wedging in a ‘defensive applying course’-type curriculum into a personal health class near you couldn’t hurt-what with all the competing information being batted around and all. Continue reading

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Twitter Parenting

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Hey, Twitter ‘community’: How can you ask each other, ‘What are you doing right now?’ but not want to know when the answer is ‘mourning my dead child’? I mean, if it’s in 140 characters or less, what’s the problem?
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