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Yao in Review

CHRIS PUMMER: Yao Ming’s legacy probably can’t stand on its own without considering the huge expectations that arrived with him before he even played an NBA game. Continue reading

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Liveblogging: A Non-Liveblogged Look

HOWARD MEGDAL: The sun revolves around the earth. The earth is flat. Dewey Defeats Truman.
The history of snap judgments and immediate reactions is mixed at best. So when it comes to the truly important stuff, I’m thinking Liveblogging isn’t the way to go.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m not sure I see the point of live blogging an event, or of reading someone else’s live blogged account of an event.
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In Briefs: Olympics Liveblogging 2/26 (Updates throughout the evening)

JESSICA BADER: Tonight’s events (well, some of them tonight’s events, some of them today’s events on tape delay) include the women’s slalom, the four-man bobsled, and a handful of short track races (men’s 500m, women’s 1000m and men’s 5000m relay).…

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In Briefs: Olympics Liveblogging 2/24 (Updates Throught the Day)

JESSICA BADER: I’m very much looking forward to all of the short track events tonight. It’s so fast-paced and beautifully chaotic, and Plushenko’s figure-skating sour grapes are NOTHING compared to South Korea’s long-standing beef with Apolo Ohno.


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In Briefs Olympics In Review: 2/22-2/23

JESSICA BADER: So, what are everyone’s thoughts about NBC devoting the prime-time coverage last night to ice-dancing and skiing and putting the US-Canada men’s hockey game on MSNBC? I feel like the people who are mad about this are overreacting…

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Olympics Preview

AKIE BERMISS: People hate the Olympics. I’m not sure why. I know its really boring and there are (usually) no gunfights, or stabbings, or explosions.

TED BERG: This is a drum I’ve been beating a long time: The Olympics suck.
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