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In Briefs: Luis Castillo Released

CHRIS PUMMER: Luis Castillo released. Now what?

JESSICA BADER: A brief moment of rejoicing before going back to the reality of what a mess the Mets are. Also, hoping that Daniel Murphy can somehow handle 2nd base despite all evidence to the contrary. Continue reading

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Should Oliver Perez get a chance to start?

CHRIS PUMMER: No. That should have been the short and direct answer the Mets gave Oliver Perez with the lefty with hefty paychecks and reluctance to accept coaching when he said he wanted to again be considered for the team’s rotation. Continue reading

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Oliver Perez’s Unfair Treatment

SHARON CHAPMAN: First of all, what is fair?
Toddlers are constantly complaining that things are unfair. It’s unfair that they can’t have ice cream for dinner. It’s unfair that they can’t stay up all night. It’s unfair that they have to take baths. It’s just not right. Toddlers don’t understand that ice cream for dinner will make them flabby and not fit. Staying up all night won’t allow a child to grow properly. And without baths, nobody would want to have the child over for a playdate.

Oliver Perez is a flabby, under-rested, smelly toddler.

ZOË RICE: When Oliver Perez says the Mets are being unfair, he’s actually partially right. Not to him mind you. Perez can complain about unfair treament like Linday Lohan can complain about cameras in her face. Bed, lie in it. Contrary to Ollie’s whining, the Mets are being unfair to the other 24 men on that pre-September roster, to the fans, and even to their own chances of getting something in return for that bloated, ill-conceived contract he carries.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Sorry to play that card, but Oliver Perez, to some Mets fans, is Omar Minaya in uniform. And rememeber the criticism over Minaya’s alleged racial preference? That plays a role as well. Continue reading

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The Value of Spring Training

ZOË RICE: For the past week or so, I have glutted myself on Mets’ spring training reports. I wasn’t able to go in person, but I’ve been glued to Twitter, blogs, and SNY. I’ve seen about a hundred pictures from Port St. Lucie, at least a dozen videos, and heard every report on Jose Reyes’s health, or how Oliver Perez looks in bullpen sessions, or how Jeff Francoeur is the happiest, most positive person in the world, or how Jason Bay is already fitting in, or how good first round prospect Ike Davis looks, or what Daniel Murphy and Mike Jacobs look like at first…trust me, the list goes on.

CHRIS NEEDHAM: Once you strip away the overwrought prose, Spring Training is really boring. Wake me up at the end of March.

JASON CLINKSCALES: Yes, hope springs eternal, but that’s mostly for the teams that have had little hope in recent years. For the teams that play for the here and now, however, you can’t help but to think that spring training feels more like extended calisthenics and glorified batting practice. Either way, there’s still value, though, in the thirty games for these squads, just not so much for the fans.

JESSICA BADER: As recently as a couple of years ago, I devoured every morsel of spring training coverage as though it were a four-star restaurant’s finest offering and I had subsisted on bread and water for the previous three and a half months. Now I’m just another cranky grump wishing I could fast-forward to Opening Day. What happened?

Continue reading

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Oliver Perez vs. Derek Lowe: 2010 and Beyond

CHRIS PUMMER: If Lowe can either regain the feel for his slider, or adjust for not being able to throw it as often, he should be an effective pitcher again in 2010. He’ll still have to keep fighting off age to keep his contract from being a disaster for the Braves. But that he threw almost 200 healthy innings in 2009, while Perez must return from an injury, makes him a better bet to approximate the value of his contract.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Well, Chris and I don’t disagree much about the numbers- Lowe’s down across the board, and turning 37. Whether that is a reason for optimism or not is another story. I think it represents the likelihood that Lowe, fresh off of an 88 ERA+, is likely to be around that or below it for the remainder of his three years and $45 million.

That sets a bar Oliver Perez is likely to clear with room to spare over the final two years of his contract- at half the price of Derek Lowe- $24 million. Continue reading

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