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Review: Sports Show

AKIE BERMISS: For years now, I’ve been an unabashed fan of Norm Macdonald.  Back when he was anchoring weekend update for SNL, I came to know him as the guy who couldn’t stop squinting and never met a dead-pan joke…

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Norm MacDonald: Funny?

TED BERG: Norm Macdonald is one of my heroes, but I understand why his humor might be difficult to appreciate. Heck, I was once guilty of that myself.

AKIE BERMISS: There was a time, long ago (in High School) when I thought I was a funny guy. I used to tell all sorts of jokes and I was in the drama club and I would do improv and — well, I thought I was funny. Years later it would dawn on me — I’m not funny at all! There are people out there who are actually really, really funny. They say anything to anyone — and its funny. Norm Macdonald is one of those guys. A masterfully funny guy who chooses to make us laugh by telling us jokes that are the opposite of funny.

ZOË RICE: Ugh. Before writing this, I rewatched Norm Macdonald’s most recent appearance on Conan O’Brien, and I got to dislike him just a little bit more. Like Ted and Akie, Norm first appeared on my radar on SNL’s Weekend Update. I really didn’t like him. It wasn’t the jokes so much, but the way he told them. Norm’s tone of voice strikes me not only as obnoxious but also entitled. The subtext of his delivery seems to say, “If you’re not laughing at my jokes, screw you.” It’s not that nothing funny ever comes out of Norm Macdonald’s mouth. I just happen to find him completely unsympathetic. Continue reading

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