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Floating Realignment

CHRIS PUMMER: as long as the Red Sox and Yankees keep printing money on their way to division title after division title, keeping advertisers, television networks and revenue-sharing, bottom-feeding teams happy, then baseball’s ownership circle probably doesn’t see this as a problem in dire need of a solution.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I agree with Chris on the economics of this, but the largest reason for scuttling any floating realignment is a simple one: emotional attachment to rivalries. Continue reading

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The Phillies, The Big Red Machine, and All Time Great Teams

CHRIS PUMMER: Three straight pennants and two titles would be impressive if the Phillies could pull it off. But it would probably still leave them plenty short of matching the Big Red Machine’s legacy.

DAVE TOMAR: Of course, the 35th best club in Yankees history probably competes pretty well with most Phillie rosters of the past. But in reality, the current Phillies are also not particularly far away from being considered as among the best teams in NL history. It is with this contention that I may have ignited a little bit of a controversy with my colleagues during this week’s debate. To my perspective, the threshold for all-time great teams begins with two World Series victories. Continue reading

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