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Donald Fehr and the NHLPA

NAVA BRAHE: Any baseball fan knows the name “Donald Fehr” is synonymous with labor unrest. Even though he may be older and mellower than he was when he whipped the Major League Baseball Players Association into a frenzy, I don’t put it past him to wreak havoc once the NHL’s current collective bargaining agreement expires. The NHL, such as it is, is a combustible mix of a Napoleonic commissioner, an ever-growing group of bad owners, and a players’ union that doesn’t seem to know its ass from its elbow. That combined with teams in cities they have no business being in, spells unequivocal disaster.

JASON CLINKSCALES: Maybe, just maybe, Donald Fehr sees an oyster just waiting to be pried open. Maybe he genuinely sees money left on the table for players. The biggest cynic would probably see Fehr as someone looking to methodically tear down the National Hockey League in the way that Major League Baseball was upended with the 1994 strike and the PEDs/steroids scandals.

Fair enough.

Yet, could he be the stubborn bull that finally has the strength to locks horns with Gary Bettman? Continue reading

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