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Free Online Content, and Its Discontents

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Does anyone else worry that the proliferation of free online content has increasingly devalued the sorts of artistic media (writing, videos, pictures, music etc.) that can be freely and easily distributed online to the extent that it is going to ultimately discourage creative people from going into those fields (i.e. getting liberal arts/journalism degrees and other education in those fields) since they can’t really profit from doing those things– which is going to degrade the quality of that content overall until it’s really not even worth paying for anyway?

AKIE BERMISS: Free online content. While many have moved on the practical solutions to this new state of things this is a question of — still! — grave importance to me.  iIs been over a decade since the mp3 was introduced to the world and still the music industry is reeling from the blows of that technological leap. Continue reading

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Liveblogging: A Non-Liveblogged Look

HOWARD MEGDAL: The sun revolves around the earth. The earth is flat. Dewey Defeats Truman.
The history of snap judgments and immediate reactions is mixed at best. So when it comes to the truly important stuff, I’m thinking Liveblogging isn’t the way to go.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m not sure I see the point of live blogging an event, or of reading someone else’s live blogged account of an event.
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Online News: Free OR Pay Model (updated 4/1 at 11:16 P.M.)

STEVE MURPHY: Newspapers need to adjust to a new, modern business model that leverages their large audience and brand name to find new sources of revenue.
CHRIS PUMMER: Online advertising revenue has fallen short of creating newspaper utopia, now the freeloaders have to pony up. Continue reading

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The Death of Print: A Travesty/Finally, Clean Hands!

TED BERG: You can’t use your Kindle for kindling. You can’t roll it up and smack it on your wrist to let the dog know he’s been bad and you can’t line your hamsterrarium with it. You can’t use it as a blanket or umbrella in a pinch, and you certainly can’t purchase one for less than a dollar. [MORE]


Sure, I’d like to be able to defend print; in fact, nothing would make me happier. I have fond memories of curling up with countless books; I’ve spent many enjoyable Sunday mornings lingering over a cup of coffee and a newspaper. But when you get right down to it, those are the same boring, predictable pleasures which readers of printed material have been experiencing for centuries. Print, what have you done for us lately? [MORE] Continue reading

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