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Papelbon to the Phillies

CHRIS PUMMER: The merits of forking over big money to a relief pitcher are dubious, but if the Phillies were bound and determined to spend that cash on someone to accumulate saves, picking Jonathan Papelbon over Ryan Madson was the right choice. Continue reading

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MLB Previews: Brewers, Twins, Mets, Yankees, A’s

The Mets are a disaster, while the Brewers might have put together their best team of the decade. The Yankees have the resources to answer whatever questions they begin the season with, while the A’s haven’t been able to fill their biggest void. The Twins keep doing what they’ve always done, but is it enough to win yet again? Continue reading

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Free Agent Smackdown: Octavio Dotel vs. Jose Veras

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think a strong case can be made for signing either Octavio Dotel or Jose Veras, assuming either one could be had for a short-term deal at the same money. However, with Dotel likely to be among the richer relievers this winter, and Veras a non-tender looking to hook on somewhere, it is worth noting how similar the two are likely to be in 2011.

CHRIS PUMMER: Dotel will make a bit more money than Veras this offseason, and for good reason. Dotel has a much longer track record of success. Continue reading

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Expanded MLB Playoffs

CHRIS PUMMER: The dollars make sense for everyone, and really, so does this expansion.

HOWARD MEGDAL: My concerns are two-fold about the potential for expanding baseball playoffs: diluting playoff baseball, and potentially shortening the regular season. Continue reading

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Yankee Fan Reputation: Deserved?

SHANNON MCCARTHY: Do I think the Yankees have some truly grating fans? Sure. Do I think many that profess to be fans or at least simply like to wear the hats couldn’t tell you the first thing about the bullpen after Mariano Rivera (if that)? Absolutely. But does the entire fanbase deserve to be painted with such a broad brush? Nope.

JASON CLINKSCALES: As long as the Yankees are at the top of the sport’s financial food chain, if not the competitive one, we’ll always see the worst of a good section of their fans. Continue reading

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The Derek Jeter Contract

CHRIS PUMMER: With their mutually beneficial relationship in mind, the smart money is on Derek Jeter returning to the Yankees. Maybe for something more than what most analysts would peg his on-field “value” as being, say three or four years at $15 million per year. But that’s probably just about right for both sides.

SHANNON MCCARTHY: If there’s any certainty here other than the fact Jeter will report to Steinbrenner Field for spring training, it’s the importance that the negotiations don’t turn ugly. That’s why despite Steinbrenner’s warning, more than likely the Yankees won’t let things get too “messy.” Jeter is worth far too much to the organization both on the field and off for the club to risk souring its relationship with him — or angering a fanbase that adores its homegrown shortstop. Continue reading

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World Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL: The Rangers have answered every question I have about them. And still, despite being the clearly inferior team, I think the Giants are going to win their first world championship since moving to San Francisco.

CHRIS PUMMER: I think they Giants will prove they are just as good as the Rangers when they win in seven games. Continue reading

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Cliff Lee: Sabathia Money?

HOWARD MEGDAL: As Monday night’s performance showed once again, Cliff Lee is one of the game’s finest pitchers. By pitching so well in the ALCS, against the Yankees, Lee has probably driven up his market value to the equivalent of CC Sabathia, who signed a seven-year, $161 million contract with the Yankees a few years ago.

Whichever team makes that commitment to Lee, I believe, would be making a huge mistake. Continue reading

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Home Run Smackdown: Carter Vs. Mazeroski

NAVA BRAHE: In the annals of baseball, Bill Mazeroski’s 1960 World Series winning home run for the Pittsburgh Pirates is always going to outshine Joe Carter’s dinger that won the Toronto Blue Jays the 1993 World Series. Mazeroski hit his in Game 7, and Carter hit his in Game 6. Mazeroski’s Pirates took down the mighty New York Yankees; Carter’s Blue Jays thrilled the Toronto baseball faithful to pieces, and ruined the life of Philadelphia Phillies reliever Mitch Williams.

MIKE CUMMINGS: The fiftieth anniversary of Bill Mazeroski’s game-winning home run for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the New York Yankees in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series came and went recently, and that’s gotten a lot of people thinking about the most dramatic homers in Major League history. Another one that readily comes to mind is Joe Carter’s walk-off job for the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 6 of the 1993 Series against Mitch Williams and the Philadelphia Phillies. But while Carter’s homer probably still resonates for Blue Jays and (for obviously different reasons) Phillies fans, the Mazeroski homer still resonates more profoundly with the general American sporting public. There are three very simple reasons why. Continue reading

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MLB Playoffs: Day 1

ALDS: Rangers 5, Rays 1
This is why the Rangers gave up a pretty decent prospect for Cliff Lee. The lefty was as good as he’s been the last three years, striking out 10 and going seven…

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