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Melvin Mora Remembered

MIKE SILVA: How often do late season call-ups make a huge impact on a team in the postseason? Some names that come up off the top of my head are Shane Spencer with the Yankees in 1998, K-Rod in Anaheim in 2002, and Francisco Cabrera with the Braves in 1992. The Mets had two such players under Bobby Valentine: Melvin Mora and Timo Perez.

CHRIS PUMMER: Melvin Mora’s career batting line after his 30th birthday: .281/.354/.441 in more than 5,000 plate appearances. That’s a pretty good career, even before you consider that he was used as a utility player until he was 33. If he’d posted the same numbers before 30 with the same number of plate appearances, he’d have finished with 3,006 hits. Continue reading

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Capuano or Marquis?

CHRIS PUMMER: Nobody is likely to remember Chris Capuano as the one that got away for the Mets, but the lefty did strike a pretty fair deal with the Dodgers. Certainly I think it will be better than…

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Wally Backman’s Future

MIKE SILVA: Since the end of the 2011 season the Mets have extended Terry Collins another year to 2013, and announced an overhaul of their coaching staff. The latter didn’t include Binghamton manager Wally Backman, who many speculate will be offered the Triple-A job in Buffalo now that Tim Teufel has been promoted to coach third base in New York. What does the future hold for Backman? With the Mets I am unsure, but inevitably it will lead to a big league managerial job.

CHRIS PUMMER: If Backman were sidelined that long because of his troubled history, a coaching job in another organization might be available. But I doubt he’ll get the call for a high-profile major league managerial job.
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Jason Isringhausen and 300 Saves

CHRIS PUMMER: Not a lot of people seem enthused about Jason Isringhausen getting his 300th save, and I think that’s too bad. Ok, as far as milestones go, it’s not a big deal. But considering the injuries and struggles he had earlier in his career as a starter, why can’t we enjoy this kind of marker as a celebration of second chances? Continue reading

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Carlos Zambrano’s Legacy

HOWARD MEGDAL: If this is how it ends for Carlos Zambrano, I hope the focus won’t be on his contract. There was too much to like about him as a ballplayer.

CHRIS PUMMER: Finished or not, Zambrano’s best days have long been over. That means it’s quite likely his legacy as lunatic is cemented. Continue reading

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MLB Previews: Brewers, Twins, Mets, Yankees, A’s

The Mets are a disaster, while the Brewers might have put together their best team of the decade. The Yankees have the resources to answer whatever questions they begin the season with, while the A’s haven’t been able to fill their biggest void. The Twins keep doing what they’ve always done, but is it enough to win yet again? Continue reading

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In Briefs: Luis Castillo Released

CHRIS PUMMER: Luis Castillo released. Now what?

JESSICA BADER: A brief moment of rejoicing before going back to the reality of what a mess the Mets are. Also, hoping that Daniel Murphy can somehow handle 2nd base despite all evidence to the contrary. Continue reading

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Should Oliver Perez get a chance to start?

CHRIS PUMMER: No. That should have been the short and direct answer the Mets gave Oliver Perez with the lefty with hefty paychecks and reluctance to accept coaching when he said he wanted to again be considered for the team’s rotation. Continue reading

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ORPHANED OPINION: A Yankees Fan View Of the Wilpon/Mets Situation

DANIEL FEUERSTEIN: As a Yankees fan it is easy to see what has happened with my baseball team and what’s happened to the other side as our National League neighbors are feeling more pain than a normal 162 game season. But writing this opinion article is not about sticking it to a Mets fan, this is about giving them a shoulder to cry on for the right reasons. No matter how much it looks like the Wilpon family is trying to do things the right way, they always find a way to make it wrong. Continue reading

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Baseball Winter Meetings Recap

HOWARD MEGDAL: This season’s winter meetings produced a huge number of moves, as usual. Briefly, here’s how I see them. Continue reading

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