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Community vs. 30 Rock

AKIE BERMISS: I was an early adopter of Community. It debuted when I still had cable and I still watched television live. But it was one of the last shows I did that with. Increasingly, as a man pushing thirty, I’ve found new television shows have very little to offer me. I don’t get excited by reality shows — the pseudo-drama just doesn’t do it for me — and, being a professional singer and vocal teacher, I can’t stand shows like American Idol or The Voice. So I was finding myself marginalized more and more by primetime television. Call me old fashioned but I miss the days of primetime half-hour sitcoms followed by hour-long dramas at 10pm. To me, those were the days. I guess I was young and things seemed simpler then. But also, I rather think if I am going to sit down and waste an hour, I’d rather it be scripted material performed by professionals and shot by experienced techies.

CHRIS PUMMER: I think Akie’s comparison of 30 Rock to the dynastic Bulls of Michael Jordan is apt. Because while Community is brilliant, 30 Rock has been at least that brilliant for much longer now. Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin Perspectives

HOWARD MEGDAL: It never occurred to me that I might root for a player as vociferously as Patrick Ewing. But Jeremy Lin might just get there for me.

ROBERT SHATZKIN: I’m scared to fully embrace the Linsanity. Continue reading

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Keep Mike D’Antoni?

MIKE SILVA: The question should not be whether the Knicks keep Mike D’ Antoni for next season, but whether he is the right person to get this team to a championship level. Since Donnie Walsh took over in April of 2008 the goal was for the Knicks to clear cap room to make a run at Lebron James and another superstar. They didn’t get James, but Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony will do just fine. Now that Walsh seemingly will be in control for the next couple of years I have confidence the remaining pieces necessary will be added to round out the roster. There should be no doubt the Knicks will be, regardless of the new collective bargaining agreement, one of the top teams in the NBA over the next five years. The task for D’Antoni is to get them to win a championship, something he failed to do during his time in Phoenix.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Mike is probably right: D’Antoni simply hasn’t done enough to lose his job. But I am concerned about the idea of sacrificing a season to D’Antoni, if he truly isn’t the person to coach this team (and issues of both defense and offense are still to be determined). Continue reading

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Carmelo and the Knicks

JASON CLINKSCALES: The Carmelo Anthony talk has annoyed some, but that’s because they see some similarities to the LeBron James hype and eventual departure to Miami. However, there are very few commonalities between the two. Anthony has said very little compared to James and here wasn’t nearly the frothing at the mouth or silly customized jerseys for the Denver Nuggets forward as for the former Cleveland Cavalier.

AKIE BERMISS: I was born under a star-crossed sign! Mercury was in retrograde! I was cursed by an evil warlock for the heroic deeds of my father! Well, it was something like that at least, because all my life I’ve been Knicks fan. And that can mean only one thing: constant, inexorable suffering. When we had Patrick Ewing back in the 90s, we spent every spring being the foil for the likes of Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller. No matter how cohesive the team was, how stifling the defense, or how triumphant the 4th-quarter comebacks were, we always wound up losing. Missing out. Just barely getting a whiff of what it would be like to be champions. And every time, we fell short. Fast forward to 2011: we’re having a pretty good year, Amar’e Stoudemire has brought up back from the brink of utter Isaiah-Thomas-ness (our name for Perdition), and all-in-all things are starting to look up. Then, there came word that Carmelo Anthony was strongly considering playing for New York. Continue reading

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NBA Preview

JASON CLINKSCALES: As it has been for the entire existence of the NBA, only a handful of teams matter when it comes to winning the championship. Yet, we keep watching because maybe, just maybe, we’ll be surprised by a fearless team that makes a ridiculous run later. We watch because games still have to be played. We keep watching because for all of the continued over-examination of the league, we will see something, for the lack of a better word, amazing.

ALEX PREWITT: As I flipped on the television to catch the end of the Celtics-Heat game before turning it over to my computer for Blazers-Suns and then Lakers-Rockets, I thought to myself about how I’ve never been this excited for an NBA season. For me in the past, it was all-NCAA, all-time. Whether it’s because of how desperately I want to see LeBron James fail in Miami (last night’s 88-80 loss at the Garden was a nice start) or because of how desperately I want my Memphis Grizzlies to succeed (success being a very relative term in Memphis), this season promises more, at least for me, than ever before. Continue reading

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The Knicks and Carmelo Anthony

KIYAN SOBHANI: Can the New York Knicks obtain Carmelo Anthony without giving up an important piece? The answer is yes. No matter who you ship off on the Knicks roster (besides Amar’e) for Melo you’re significantly improving that team. Randolph never really was that impressive for the Knicks. If the Knicks can get Melo playing alongside Amar’e and Felton they instantly become a contender.
MIKE SILVA: Although the thought of pairing Amar’e Stoudemire with Carmelo Anthony is enticing, it can’t be done at the expense of gutting the roster. After ten years of a rudderless ship, the Knicks appear to be headed in the right direction with a young roster full of intriguing upside. That is why I am a proponent of Donnie Walsh monitoring the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes, but not trading either Danilo Gallinari or Anthony Randolph. In my opinion the waiting game works in the Knicks favor. Continue reading

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Allen Iverson’s Next Stop

ALEX PREWITT: The days of stardom for Allen Iverson seem like little else but a distant memory. Gone are the fadeaway jumpers and swift crossovers, in place are more doubters than ever before. Failure has replaced success for the greatest player under 6-feet in NBA history. The 30-points-per-game seasons are a thing of the past, bumped off Iverson’s legacy in favor of his detrimental four-game stint with Memphis and his stock market-like crash into oblivion.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I believe the grand final move that could rehabilitate the unjustly-maligned career of Allen Iverson could be a move to the New York Knicks. This is predicated on New York also acquiring Carmelo Anthony, of course.

But a team with Anthony/Iverson/Stoudemire would be awfully entertaining to watch. And it could be what Allen Iverson is remembered for. Continue reading

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Carmelo Anthony’s Value

HOWARD MEGDAL: Carmelo Anthony’s value to the Knicks is such that they should trade whomever it takes to get him, and give him a max contract, without thinking twice.

ALEX PREWITT: There’s no doubting Carmelo Anthony’s ability as a top-flight NBA player. Through seven seasons after leading Syracuse to the NCAA Championship, ‘Melo has never averaged under 20 points per game and has led the Nuggets to the playoffs in all seven years. But with rumors swirling regarding his imminent departure from the Rocky Mountains and Anthony’s pending free agency next summer, we can expect that some squad will throw a gaudy contract at ‘Melo to make him the cornerstone of the franchise. But does he belong in the elite level of players deserving of a max salary, or in the upper echelon of NBA studs along with fellow ’03 draftees LeBron James and Dwyane Wade? Continue reading

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Isiah Thomas = Seven Years of Famine?

MIKE SILVA: The Case of Isiah Thomas is one of the most frustrating sports periods in New York history. Ironically, Zeke has been tied to the organization much longer than seven years as the “non deal” for Thomas back in 1994 might have cost the Knicks a title. Isiah came with a lot of flash and promises, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The reluctance of Knicks management to “break down” the roster after Patrick Ewing left was more the reason why a the team has been a failure for a decade. Former President Dave Checketts still regrets trading Ewing to Seattle in his walk year.

AKIE BERMISS: As a New York Knicks fan my hatred for Isaiah Thomas knows no bounds. I am aware that were, of course mitigating factors of all kinds, but as far as my heart is concerned Thomas was at the helm when my team hit the ice-berg. And while we were taking on water, he was stacking the deck chairs. I was never in the Garden to chant “Fire Isaiah!” — but only because I couldn’t bring myself to go to the Garden. Those were the dark days. Those were the times of no hope. Horrible as things seem now that was the winter of our discontent here in New York. Continue reading

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Patrick Ewing: Head Coach

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, a lifelong Patrick Ewing fan, seeing him become a head coach is about unfinished business. I want Patrick Ewing to win an NBA championship. But hearing that Ewing wants to be a head coach himself-well, who would be a better candidate?

JASON CLINKSCALES: The idea of Patrick Ewing as a future head coach may not be strange to those far removed from his heyday with the New York Knicks. However, but for those who followed his Hall of Fame career up close, it’ll take some eye-rubbing. Continue reading

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