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NFL Week 1 In Review

Packers 42, Saints 34
CHRIS PUMMER: The Packers opened the season where they left off, rolling past a very good opponent. Green Bay only narrowly made the playoffs last year and struggled at times, but that was after losing…

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NFL Divisional Playoffs in Review

Jets 28, Patriots 21
The Jets (13-5) had a pretty simple formula for beating the Patriots (14-3). They didn’t turn the ball over and kept New England from making big plays.

For the former part New York quarterback…

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Jets-Patriots Rivalry

BRAD GOLDBACH: The Jets-Patriots rivalry is definitely among the best in the NFL, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list just yet. It does find a home among the top three in the game currently, though.

CHRIS PUMMER: The Jets-Patriots rivalry is currently the best in the NFL, because it not only pits two divisional foes from two huge media markets, but the flames of hatred have enjoyed so much extra fuel for going on more than a decade now. Continue reading

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NFL Week 13 in Review

Giants 31, Redskins 7
JASON CLINKSCALES: In the five seasons I have covered the Giants for the New York Beacon, I was never more stunned by a win over Washington than I was…

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Women and NFL Attire

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT:As someone who grew up owning at least two different T-shirts representing all of my favorite teams, I’m glad to see there’s some variety being put out there.

AKIE BERMISS: I find it kind of strange that its taken the NFL this long to put real effort into making good team apparel for women. Like Krysten, I find logos and words written across the butt to be alarmingly crass (I can’t imagine why anyone who wasn’t a stripper would want to wear a pair of pants that say “Juicy” across the butt!), but I do think there is something to be said for making something a little more… perhaps the word I’m trying to avoid is: feminine.

NAVA BRAHE: The first time I remember seeing a pink NFL t-shirt was my first semester of graduate school. It was 2002, and I was beginning the second leg of my “adult” education at Hofstra University. At the first meeting of one of my classes, I noticed a cute, petite blonde girl sporting a fitted pink New York Jets t-shirt; and a diamond engagement ring the size of a marble. She seemed nice enough, and I didn’t give it a second thought. It wasn’t until later that same day when I ran into the Chair of the English department, and was asked, “Is Wayne Chrebet’s wife in class with you?” My answer was, “Yeah, I guess she was the one in the pink Jets t-shirt.”

SHANNON MCCARTHY: It used to be you didn’t have very many options for team apparel if you were female; you could go for a larger men’s jersey or you could opt for the largest youth size, but either way, you were getting a dress, and not an attractive one either. When retailers finally came out with jerseys and shirts that were more fitted for the female form, it seemed these only came in pink (or if not pink, baby blue). Why is that? Continue reading

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NFL Week 3 in Review

Chiefs 31, 49ers 10
A friend and 49ers fan recently shared with me his opinion that Mike Singletary’s strength as a coach is his ability to raise the emotional level of his players, but that a team could…

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NFL Week 2 in Review

Falcons 41, Cardinals 7
Guess Matt Leinart wasn’t going to play any better than Derek Anderson.

ALEX PREWITT: Good that the Falcons got this out of their system after getting abused by the Steelers’ defense in Week 1.…

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Brett Favre’s Return

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: You know, I drove past Brett Favre’s compound – err, home – last weekend on the way to a wedding in Hattiesburg, Miss., and it explained everything about that man. His estate is a large piece of property (untold acres, actually) surrounded by not only a thick of trees so dense that you can’t even tell what color his actual house is, but also this giant, lit up fence with columns lining Interstate 55.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I’m not sure there’s a counterpoint here. Does anyone like Brett Favre — or LeBron James, for that matter — anymore? Is anyone interested when ESPN breaks into a rerun of First Take to breathlessly bring us the news that Brett Favre is having ketchup with his eggs this morning? Well, apparently so, because they keep showing it, and if ESPN is good at anything, it’s knowing what its audience wants. So what are we to make of this latest round of nonsense from a formerly well-respected, transcendent athlete? Continue reading

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NFL Free Agency So Far

JASON CLINKSCALES: Because the uncapped year has the NFL-loving public screaming “ARMAGGEDON!”, we figured that the free agency period would have added intrigue compared to normal. The truth is that some moves would have been made regardless of potential labor strife while others are being made with akin to the baseball waiver-wire (You want his contract? Give us something back).

It’s relatively business as usual.

CHRIS PUMMER: The uncapped year hasn’t really led to a free agent frenzy. Most teams are going about their business of shopping wisely for good free agent fits. And we’re getting a few bad contracts that are actually pretty typical every offseason, even when the salary cap is in place. Continue reading

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Mark Sanchez: The Great Latino Hope?

JASON CLINKSCALES: When Mark Sanchez got drafted by the New York Jets last April, advertising and publicity analysts immediate salivated over his prospects. They were less interested in his prospects on the field, rather than endorsement and sponsorship opportunities if he essentially becomes the Mexican-American version of Joe Willie Namath.

Yet, despite admirable performances in three postseason games, the suggestion that he will be the one that takes the NFL into apparent unchartered territory with the Latino populous has a bit of problem; Sanchez has to win and win beautifully.
Continue reading

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