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WBGO’s New Transmitter

AKIE BERMISS: For any jazz-lover in the New York City with his or her salt, WBGO 88.3FM is an old friend. For solid, mainstream jazz, it’s the place to be and has been for over 30 years.

CHRIS PUMMER: By itself at new radio transmitter sounds like a pretty reasonable investment. If you consider that as a non-commercial radio station, WBGO’s role is also as a curator of a musical form that is vanishing from commercial radio, then spending this money ensuring that people of almost all ages and economic standings can listen seems like a very good investment. Continue reading

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Woody Allen, Sans New York

AKIE BERMISS: As far directors go, there is probably no living director who is more synonymous with New York than Woody Allen. A majority of his movies pay deference to the great city and in turn we — the people of this city — pay Allen deference as the guy who can really shoot a New Yorker’s movie. And yet, as a the New York Times pointed out last week, several of Allen’s recent movies have been made abroad. So, it begs the question: what gives?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Akie is right, and let’s start with the understanding that Whatever Works is one of the lesser recent films Woody Allen made, a pale echo of the vital Vicky Cristina Barcelona. So New York is not the magic ingredient to making his films good recently. Continue reading

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Gawker Ethics and the Chris Lee Scoop

AKIE BERMISS: I guess as long as there are famous people and/or celebrities and/or politicians infidelity will always be a popular story. At this point, for me, its become a bit old-hat. I mean, I guess I’m concerned if some family-values zealot is sleeping with his secretary, but I’m not sure what my concern is for. When these things come to light they often lead to an anti-climactic finish for the politician in question (in most cases, they do the fake apology, lay low for a while, and the pick up right where they left off) and give the political Left fodder for some righteous indignation (something we are not exactly short on). But nothing happens to the family-values cause, and that’s why I’ve stopped caring.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: As we all know, the website Gawker.com recently broke the story of Chris Lee soliciting sex on Craigslist while using an actual photo of himself. And sure, it was a little surprising to everyone how quickly he resigned after that scandal made headlines. A lot of people suspected that there might be more to the story, and the journalists at Gawker were only too happy to help them confirm those suspicions. But if you ask me, they acted a little too quickly with their volatile follow-up story, which leveled an arguably even more serious accusation against Lee: that he had also solicited the company of a pre-op transsexual and a transvestite prostitute, also through Craigslist. Continue reading

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Carmelo and the Knicks

JASON CLINKSCALES: The Carmelo Anthony talk has annoyed some, but that’s because they see some similarities to the LeBron James hype and eventual departure to Miami. However, there are very few commonalities between the two. Anthony has said very little compared to James and here wasn’t nearly the frothing at the mouth or silly customized jerseys for the Denver Nuggets forward as for the former Cleveland Cavalier.

AKIE BERMISS: I was born under a star-crossed sign! Mercury was in retrograde! I was cursed by an evil warlock for the heroic deeds of my father! Well, it was something like that at least, because all my life I’ve been Knicks fan. And that can mean only one thing: constant, inexorable suffering. When we had Patrick Ewing back in the 90s, we spent every spring being the foil for the likes of Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller. No matter how cohesive the team was, how stifling the defense, or how triumphant the 4th-quarter comebacks were, we always wound up losing. Missing out. Just barely getting a whiff of what it would be like to be champions. And every time, we fell short. Fast forward to 2011: we’re having a pretty good year, Amar’e Stoudemire has brought up back from the brink of utter Isaiah-Thomas-ness (our name for Perdition), and all-in-all things are starting to look up. Then, there came word that Carmelo Anthony was strongly considering playing for New York. Continue reading

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24: The New Season

JESSICA BADER: While I greatly enjoyed the first few seasons of 24, I’m disappointed by what the show has become and I can’t bring myself to watch it anymore. There comes a point where a great concept is no longer enough to keep me as a viewer, and that’s a point that 24 reached a few years ago. Continue reading

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KSM: Supervillain?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: When I first learned that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was going to be put on trial in New York City, my first reaction was one of complete outrage and disbelief. Why, oh why would we want him in our city? What an awful event to hold in New York. It just seemed like terrible karma.

The more I thought about it, though, the more fitting it seemed.

JEFF MORROW: The Obama Administration ignores Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s ferrokinetic powers at its peril. Continue reading

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