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Chris Christie, Vacations and 2012

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: First, freshman Rep. Andy Harris wanted his health care without a waiting period. Now, it seems that New Jersey governor Chris Christie doesn’t see why he should have to duck out of Epcot a week early to dig his state out of a blizzard – or at least to look like he’s digging. Continue reading

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Christie and Schundler

HOWARD MEGDAL: What a pleasure it was to be reminded of Bret Schundler by this recent scandal. Schundler, of course, was Chris Christie before Christie was- a conservative Republican who found brief success in New Jersey, land of Democrats, after those Democrats proved to be temporarily unpalatable due to a combination of corruption and political malpractice.

JESSICA BADER: The fallout from New Jersey’s failure to win $400 million in federal funding from the Race To The Top initiative has mostly served to hurt Chris Christie in an area where he was already vulnerable. The education cuts he pushed during budget negotiations earlier in the year led to protests by teachers and students, and his reaction to the state not getting much-needed money has been rather immature. Continue reading

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Will Noem’s Driving Record Matter?

JEREMY FUGLEBERG: Kristi Noem has a lead foot and doesn’t show up in court. Those are the facts, unearthed by a South Dakota television station examining the traffic records of this year’s crop of candidates for public office.

The Republican candidate for South Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House has racked up 20 speeding tickets, six failures to appear in court and two arrest warrants, as well as three stop sign violations and no driver’s license.

Who cares, right? Everyone speeds, it’s no big deal.

Yet it’s a particularly big deal in South Dakota, where Noem is fighting Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin for a seat vacated by “Wild Bill” Janklow, a Republican and South Dakotan political titan notorious for fast and furious driving.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Yes, I know Wild Bill Janklow lost the very House seat now in question over driving, and Kristi Noem, running for that seat, has 20 speeding tickets on her record since 1989.

It’s not going to matter one bit. We aren’t living in times prosperous enough for it to matter. Continue reading

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Chris Christie For President?

AKIE BERMISS: Chris Christie for President? Look, I am as ambivalent about New Jersey as the next guy… Ok, that’s a lie. I sort of hate New Jersey. Its always been a thorn in New York’s side. I’ve always thought how much more pleasant rush hour would be if New Jersey didn’t exist. No Holland Tunnel, no Lincoln Tunnel, much less traffic on the George Washington Bridge. And Jersey drivers are infamous in New York for cutting people off, driving the wrong way down one-way streets, parking illegally and holding up traffic. Anytime there is some jerk doing something wrong on the road I assume — and I am often right — that they’ll have Jersey plates. Don’t get me wrong — there are great people from Jersey, and wonderful places to go in Jersey, and if you catch the traffic just right, a drive through Jersey can be a real breeze. Jersey is sometimes hip and happening.

But it’s still Jersey.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Not much to add here, though let’s discuss, briefly, his path to national office.

He’s currently running well short of 50 percent approval in his own state. He’ll face re-election in 2013, in a state that generally votes Democratic, though in cases of extreme political malpractice can go GOP. (See Corzine, Jon, or Florio, Jim). Continue reading

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Red Bull Arena Opens

JASON CLINKSCALES: It’s considered by many a media member within the soccer/football community the most important stadium in American history. Seated in the shadows of New York City, Red Bull Arena is supposed to signal not only a new era for the hometown Major League Soccer franchise, but place the final piece of permanence of pro soccer in the United States. Despite strong interest in the facility for the last three years, I considered this belief as more of my home region’s maddening self-importance. Once I stepped inside Red Bull Arena this past Saturday with that raucous crowd, however, I was more than convinced that RBA is the league’s way of telling the world that American soccer is here to stay.

I just hoped it told some of these crotchety, soccer-bashing types, too.

HOWARD MEGDAL: So Jason has things exactly right; the Red Bulls have one of the finest sports venues in the country right now, and it is unique to the United States in that it is dedicated to soccer.

While what must follow is Hans Backe putting together a team that wins more than five matches this season, of course. But the long-term implications of an arena such as RBA will stem from the effect it has on those who attend. Continue reading

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EZ Pass

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Those who stand by EZ Pass will defend it to the death, and I appreciate their ardor; but they’re wrong. Just so they know that. I am a fierce opponent of this destructive, elitist system. I won’t stand for any kind of toll booth that won’t accept money. If you’ve ever squinted into the darkness while hurtling toward a toll plaza and searching desperately for that little green arrow above a booth which means that it takes actual currency, well then you feel my pain.

Your perspective combines the worst American tendencies- an inability to grasp a simple concept paired with the incomprehensible decision to live anywhere but the Northeast.

AKIE BERMISS: I’m not at all sure what I’m doing here, to be perfectly honest. Apart from the severe paranoid fanatics out there who think the Government is trying to keep tabs on them, I don’t know who in the right mind would be anti-EZ Pass. Maybe if you REALLY like getting rid of spare change it works. But for me (I live in NY) you can’t barely get out of the city without spending at least five dollars. Spare change ain’t gonna cut it for me. Continue reading

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