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Kansas Hires Charlie Weis

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: So apparently Kansas’ main priority in hiring a new head football coach was to find someone who would fit into Mark Mangino’s old coaching gear.

CHRIS PUMMER: Kansas wanted to make a flashy hire, and the did it with Weis. But we all know the big name isn’t always the best pick. Continue reading

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Texas A&M and the SEC

CHRIS PUMMER: As they say, the grass is always greener. That’s how Texas A&M feels about trying to move from the Big 12 to the SEC. And maybe if the grass isn’t, the money just might be. Continue reading

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College Basketball Final Four Predictions

HOWARD MEGDAL: My admittedly early picks: Duke, Pittsburgh, Connecticut and Minnesota.

BRAD GOLDBACH: My way-too-early Final Four picks: Duke, Pittsburgh, Kansas and Tennessee. Continue reading

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LSU-Florida: What We Learned

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I have to say I was completely shocked by the fact that LSU even won that game, much less that they won it the way they did. And maybe Les Miles finally took back the play-calling duties from his clown of an offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton. After all, the Tigers’ offense did finally get moving to the tune of 385 total offensive yards — outgaining Florida by 42 yards — and they were in the game the whole time despite several stupid penalties and turnovers. The fake punt he pulled out at the end of the game wasn’t anything too surprising, considering it’s the same one he ran against South Carolina in 2007, and the last-ditch pass into the corner of the end zone was very reminescent of the win against Auburn that same year.

SHANNON MCCARTHY: If there’s one lesson to be taken after the Tigers stomped on the F in the Swamp, it’s that the Mad Hatter still has his lucky horseshoe firmly in place.

Well, that and maybe Florida should have kept those orange jerseys tucked away a bit longer.

Another thing this game made painfully clear is that their play in the season opener was not the anomaly for the Gators – that distinction instead goes to the Kentucky game. Aside from that one contest, Florida’s offense, especially in the first half, has been a mix between a complete mess and a complete bore. Continue reading

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The State of Reggie Bush

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: If you had asked me five years ago if I thought I’d ever feel sorry for Reggie Bush, I’d have laughed in your face. The guy seemed like a spoiled showboat, and he played for one of the teams I hate the most in college sports. Then he became the running back version of Matt Leinart, dating hot celebrities and being known almost more for what clubs he went to and what photos he was in than what he did on the field.

ALEX PREWITT:While this whole Reggie Bush saga says much about his desire to keep controversy out of the way and a caring attitude toward his teammates, I believe that this says even more about our collective society and our desire to vindicate individuals. It wasn’t enough to simply accept that the past was the past and that, realistically, what Bush did had no bearing on how good at football he was. That’s not to say that he shouldn’t have taken the money — the NCAA is corrupt enough without stuff like this happening — or shouldn’t have come clean earlier. But the fact that people called for Bush to give back his trophy is staggering and, quite frankly, upsetting. Continue reading

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The Fall of Bruce Pearl

ALEX PREWITT: It’s embarrassing. It’s degrading. It’s downright shameful. Any negative adjective you can think of, it probably can be used to describe Bruce Pearl’s past few weeks. The University of Tennessee men’s basketball coach has lately been the subject of a whirlwind of controversy after admitting to lying to the NCAA and facing sanctions from his own school. Pundits have called for his firing, his contract is in jeopardy (though termination can’t be considered until the NCAA makes an official ruling and finds that he’s committed a significant violation) and, quite possibly, Pearl’s reputation is ruined.

CHRIS PUMMER: The lame attempt at a cover-up was probably worse than the original crime. But it’s not the letter of the law that will mark Pearl so much as the violations of decorum.

That’s just a verbose way of saying Pearl has gone from being viewed as a would-be good guy to being not just a bad guy, but also a hypocrite. Continue reading

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How Good Is Michigan?

BRAD GOLDBACH: I’m still not sold on this Michigan team. The Wolverines look like a one-man team right now, and this is football not basketball.

CHRIS PUMMER: The Big Ten is all about a physical brand of football. So if UMass is going to run the ball down Michigan’s throat, why won’t the Wolverines’ conference foes do it, too? Continue reading

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UConn Lady Huskies: How Good Are They?

CHRIS PUMMER: Pile the plaudits on them, but please stop short of saying they’d be beating the boys in hypothetical matchup against a credible men’s program.

JASON CLINKSCALES: We know about the well-oiled machine up in Storrs that as of publishing have won an astonishing 65 straight games. Of course when the question comes up of how they’d fare in the men’s game; many would dismiss them for a myriad of reasons.

I’m at least willing to place a bet in their favor. Continue reading

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John Calipari: Embrace the Hate OR Wait for the Other Shoe

STEPHON JOHNSON: The sleaziest coach in college basketball outside of Jerry Tarkanian joins one of the most “respected” college basketball programs. They both deserve each other.

LUCAS O’NEILL: One wonders if the move was in Calipari’s best interest. Financially there’s no question. But it’s another reminder to potential recruits that the guy they think will take them to the next level might not be around to see it through. Continue reading

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Two Guides to Filling Out Your Bracket

HOWARD MEGDAL: Choosing the correct teams in your NCAA pool is easy, provided you have the proper background information.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Is Basketball the one with the big round ball you aren’t supposed to kick? Continue reading

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