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Boise State: Title Contenders?

SHANNON MCCARTHY: The argument for putting Boise State in the title game was mildly interesting until Virginia Tech lost to the formidable James Madison. Now that feather in the Broncos’ collective cap is not quite as pretty or impressive.

ALEX PREWITT: Walk me for a moment, if you will, down Imagination Lane, while I present to you Team X. Team X has not lost a game in the past two seasons, most recently won the Fiesta Bowl in ’09 and began the 2010 season with 20 returning starters on offense and defense. For all intents and purposes, Team X is a juggernaut, a perennial powerhouse and a certain contender for this year’s BCS National Championship game.

CHRIS PUMMER: While it might not seem fair, that’s life. Earning a high ranking and getting to a title game is about convincing people that you belong.

As long as Boise State is in a weak football conference, it won’t be able to convince enough people. Continue reading

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Louisiana: Awesome or Not?

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: Louisiana is awesome. Plain and simple. I’m a Texas girl by birth, and while I have an immense amount of pride for my home state (what Texan doesn’t?) I’ve adopted Louisiana after living here for six years. Call me a traitor, call me fickle, call me what you want — I don’t care. I love this state. Continue reading

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