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In Briefs: Anticipating Avatar and Thoughts on James Cameron

ZOE RICE: I see so few movies, but no one wants to see Avatar with me! I’m sure I’ll get one of my friends to change his/her mind, but the previews do kinda look silly. And yet the buzz from people who’ve seen it sounds amazing, no?

AKIE BERMISS: Yeah I’ve tried to gear myself up for Avatar. But every time I see a
poster or preview it looks so ridiculous!

ZOE RICE: That’s the whole problem! i see a preview, and I’m like…so it’s bad acting and weird floppy blue people? But then the people who’ve seen it call it ground breaking and a whole new chapter in film making…. Continue reading

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Dullards, dimwits, and dementia: Why 3-D isn’t cool yet

That droplet of blood you see hurdling freely from the screen is not an apt metaphor for the technology that produced it. The plasma and platelets progressed from deep…

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