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Mad Men: Mystery Date

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: An episode filled with uncharacteristic terror, suspense, and agitation, the episode titled “Mystery Date” of “Mad Men”‘s Season 5 left me, quite literally, breathless. With Hitchcockian camera pans and dialogue to make the blood curdle, I am wondering if this was Matthew Weiner’s attempt at exposing the precise horror of the characters, their lives, and the times all playing off the disjointed tones of the first two weeks. Hallucinations of sex and murder, a grandma with a kitchen knife, a killer on the loose, and that ominous accordion over Joan’s shoulder in the Italian restaurant were all physically and psychologically violent attacks on the characters of “Mad Men.” What made this all even more terrifying was the fact that all of these characters we know so well, their insecurities and their deepest fears. When we see them manifest on screen, all at once, to everyone, in the span of 60 minutes… one can’t help but feel the shock.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Oh, like you, Sonia, the highlight had to be seeing Joan give Greg his dishonorable discharge. This was unlike any Mad Men episode before it, and yet not a departure from either the characters or something that took the show to a place it could have difficulty navigating. Continue reading

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Downton Abbey: Week 5

SONIA BRAND-FISHER Not one of my favorite episodes of “Downton Abbey” this week, for multiple reasons. It kind of felt like the second episode of the season for me, where plots were started and stopped, nothing really gets resolved, and we are all just left hanging until more chaos ensues and decides to further the plot.

ZOË RICE: My thoughts as Downton’s opening credits flicked from room to room ran along the lines of, “Please let Matthew have sex again!” And as the closing credits rolled, they turned more to, “Huh, okay…?” This week’s episode was something of a place holder – the set up for what we can only anticipate will be a whirlwind of tumult.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Oh, good. I thought I was the only one disappointed by this episode. Safety in numbers. Continue reading

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The Hour Reviewed

ZOË RICE: BBC America’s The Hour packs a lot into its hour and fifteen minutes: The birth of a news program, developing relationships between characters, themes of news gatekeeping, democracy in the Cold War, the final throes of the British Empire, tensions between socioeconomic classes, and on top of all that a conspiracy involving spies, murder, a creepy villain in a fedora, and crossword puzzles. It’s all very tantalizing. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Amazon.Murder

“An executive at Amazon.com testified Thursday that a man accused in the shooting death of a Ramsey pharmaceutical expert had bought books on how to build silencers.” NorthJersey.com, October 9, 2009

Congratulations! Your order of “Workbench Silencers” qualifies

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