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State of Soccer in USA

AIDAN KELLY: While the Women’s World Cup alone is not going to revolutionize the game, it is a cog in the forward moving wheel of the American soccer evolution.

MIKE SILVA: Every four years after the Olympics we hear stories about how soccer can grow in the United States. The discussion lasts a few days, and then our sports culture returns to normal with the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL (in that order) taking up the free time we have to dedicate to sports.

HOWARD MEGDAL: It was impossible to come away from Wednesday night’s MLS All Star Game at Red Bull Arena with the impression that soccer hasn’t put down real roots in the United States. Continue reading

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The State of MLS

HOWARD MEGDAL: For a long time, watching MLS felt like a bit of a letdown following events like the World Cup, or even a Saturday with the English Premiere League. And obviously, the talent level is still not at the level of either. But MLS certainly doesn’t feel like a letdown anymore.

MIKE CUMMINGS: My esteemed colleague is wrong on this one. The World Cup ended a couple of months ago now, and my hangover still feels as fresh as a case of Natty Light. Watching the MLS is, in fact, so much of a letdown that I’ve considered entering withdrawal therapy. Continue reading

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