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MLB Previews: Brewers, Twins, Mets, Yankees, A’s

The Mets are a disaster, while the Brewers might have put together their best team of the decade. The Yankees have the resources to answer whatever questions they begin the season with, while the A’s haven’t been able to fill their biggest void. The Twins keep doing what they’ve always done, but is it enough to win yet again? Continue reading

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MLB Divisional Series Preview

HOWARD MEGDAL Here’s the secret about the Yankees: none of their biggest names had star-like seasons. Robinson Cano was the clear offensive leader, with his 142 OPS+, and guess who was second? Not A-Rod, not Teixeira, not Jeter certainly: Nick Swisher. And while he had a good season, his 130 OPS+ would have ranked sixth on the 2009 Yankees, just ahead of 2009 Swisher and 2009 Hideki Matsui.

MIKE CUMMINGS: My whole point about all this, and the only reason I got into this discussion in the first place, was to say that the entire Major League Baseball postseason is little more than a crapshoot. There, I said it. As such, I hereby defer my power of prognostication to my dog, Callie, who will pick the winner of each series based on which treat she picks out of which hand. Continue reading

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Yankee Pitching: Enough for October?

HOWARD MEGDAL: With the extent to which the baseball playoffs are a sample-size nightmare, it is possible that the Yankees will use their offense to run over the competition. But to me, this team looks far more like the editions that fell short in October last decade, rather than last year’s world champions. And the reason for this is a simple one: lack of decent starting pitching.

CHRIS PUMMER: That a couple Yankee starters are posting inflated ERAs over the last two months is no reason for panic to set in before the playoffs. The situation is simply not that dire. Continue reading

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Manchester City: Golden or Gauche?

SAM BORDEN: I’m sure that I’m jaded somewhat by having spent so much time around the Yankees, but I find the argument that teams like Manchester City – teams that go, suddenly, from scrappy and small-market to free-spending and wealthy – are somehow doing something wrong fully misguided.

Of course Man City think they have the right to buy anyone now. Of course they do. So does Manchester United and Real Madrid and Barcelona and the Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. Anytime a team has ownership that is willing to spend copiously on its players, it isn’t long until that team becomes some sort of sinister, non-chemistry-loving juggernaut that is only in it for the money. To me, that isn’t fair — particularly when a team is simply following the model of so many other successful businesses in the world.

KAREN PATEL: For me, gauche is putting it lightly. Ever since Manchester City were taken over by Sheikh Mansour in summer 2008, they have been flaunting their billions around thinking they have the right to sign the best players in the world.

They are destroying English soccer. Their money is making it more difficult for other teams to compete for top players, and the gap between rich and poor is ever widening. They have no previous success from which they have grown and earned some prestige, the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal have. They are ‘new money’ and though they may have some star names and grab some headlines, they still haven’t won anything for over 50 years. Continue reading

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American League Central Division Preview

Last Year’s Final Standings
Kansas City Continue reading

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Bigger Snub: Alomar or Blyleven?

HOWARD MEGDAL: There were many people on the 2010 Hall of Fame ballot I think belong in the HOF. Barry Larkin should be an easy one, with a 116 OPS+ and terrific defense at shortstop. Alan Trammell for similar reasons. Tim Raines for a long career that only pales in comparison to Rickey Henderson. And as Rich Lederer has taught us, Bert Blyleven is a Hall of Famer as well.

None of these oversights were as egrigious as Roberto Alomar, perhaps a top-five second baseman all-time. He’s a Hall of Famer with room to spare.

DAVE TOMAR:only Nolan Ryan ranks above Blyleven in strikeouts, wins and shutouts. I’ll state this again so it sinks in that this guy only has two years of HOF eligibility left. Only Nolan Ryan, who was inducted with a 98.79% vote in his first year of eligibility, has more wins, strikeouts and shutouts than Bert Blyleven. Continue reading

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