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Kim Kardashian Lawsuit

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I am concerned about the precedent set by the historic Female Employees vs. Walmart lawsuit, which was recently thrown out of court for being too big to move forward. You see, that lawsuit was but a fraction of the size of the countersuit that I am currently assembling: Pretty Much All of Us vs. Kim Kardashian.

AKIE BERMISS: I agree with Molly whole-heartedly. I’ve signed on as a plantiff: Kim Kardashian makes my blood boil. But not in the sex-crazed dude way that everyone is still convinced she must. Rather, I find her a trying on-television celebrity. Too right, Molly, she has no discernible talent. And, honestly, no discernible skill. As long as what is discernible is the reality at hand, I think we have a water-tight case.

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The Politics of the 9/11 Trials

HOWARD MEGDAL: There is a reasonable argument to be made for moving the trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other 9/11 conspirators from 500 Pearl Street. A civilian trial in another location would provide every bit as much justice, with merely a reduction in the symbolism.

But the idea that the Obama Administration would now shy away from a civilian trial, in favor of a military one, doesn’t just scan poorly from a legal standpoint- it would be a horrific mistake, politically.

AKIE BERMISS: As the second year of the Obama administration begins to unfold and we analyst, wonks, and general political enthusiast begin to look for meaning in 2010 there are probably a few major issues to hone in on. Of the top of my head I would say they are Health Care Reform, DADT, Economy and Jobs, and: The 9/11 Trials. Its going to be crucial for Obama to make his stance on terrorism here and now. For many Americans Khalid Sheikh Mohammed remains the poster-boy (for lack of a better title) for America’s current battle against terrorism. Things seemed on track last year when Eric Holder floated the idea of trying Mohammed in Manhattan — in the district where the crime was committed. I, for one, thought it was a great idea. Try him in civilian court, right next to Ground Zero, and show the world how we’ve come back from the attack and how we, as Americans, do justice.
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