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Anthony Weiner and the Ground Zero Mosque

JESSICA BADER: Anthony Weiner, like many elected Democrats, hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory with his statements on Cordoba House, the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” (which isn’t located within Ground Zero and is more of a Muslim version of the YMCA that includes a prayer space within the building). But that really shouldn’t matter. In this country, what allows a religious group to purchase land and build a prayer facility on that land is not public opinion polls or arguments offered by politicians seeking to please their constituents. The Bill of Rights does not get suspended because Sarah Palin Tweeted a call for refudiation.

ALLISON REILLY: Anthony Weiner is known to be outspoken on a lot of issues, but the Ground Zero Mosque isn’t one of them. Many are criticizing him on it, especially since he’s now married to a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia. Some say that this should be a big reason to speak out. Stick up for your wife! Stick up for supporting those who practice Islam! I argue that a Muslim wife could be a reason for Weiner’s silence. Maybe his wife has advised Weiner against speaking out, or thinks the marriage speaks for itself and that he doesn’t need to say anything. Maybe Weiner wants to make sure the marriage and the in-laws are all settled it in before speaking out. The last thing any newlywed needs is to say the wrong things in public and anger the in-laws who may not yet like you and trust you. Continue reading

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Food Truck Laws

JESSICA BADER: Like many New Yorkers, one of the things I love most about my city is the ability to obtain delicious food at just about any hour of the day, whether it’s from a fancy restaurant or a little hole in the wall or one of the trucks that have recently been the subject of heated debate. Yet for all of that food truck love, I feel that much of the outrage in the recent food truck debate is somewhat misplaced.

Let’s be clear: food trucks belong in New York City. If you want to park, go to a lot.

Food trucks make this city what it is: the greatest buffet in recorded human history. And we want laws that only encourage additional food trucks, not laws that inhibit their ability to function. Continue reading

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NY-Mayor: Bloomberg Squeaks By

STEPHON JOHNSON: The mayoral race in New York City spoke clearly about the class/economic divide the city has trouble overcoming.

JESSICA BADER: In the months leading up to Election Day, my attitude towards Mike Bloomberg’s campaign for a third term was one of ambivalence. Continue reading

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Election 2009: Perpetual Post Predictions:

The Perpetual Post’s panel of political contributors expect Jon Corzine and Michael Bloomberg to hold their seats in elected office, Doug Hoffman to fade despite the hype, gay marriage to survive in Maine and Creigh Deeds to lose big in the Commonwealth. Continue reading

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