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Smoking Politicians

ZOË RICE: Tom Brokaw, allow me to virtually fist bump you for writing this recent op-ed piece. Perhaps I will seem square for shaking my fist at cigarettes, and indeed I’m a former smoker myself (nearly ten years past quitting). But the toll this devastating habit takes on our country’s health shouldn’t be downplayed. Obesity may be the health-epidemic-du-jour (and a worthy one), but could Michelle Obama take an equally firm stance against smoking? She and her family stand in all their leanness as examples of fighting childhood obesity, a cause she publicly rallies against. However her husband, our President, can not act as a role model in the fight against tobacco addiction. And I think that should be part of his job.

AKIE BERMISS: I can completely understand where Zoë is coming from, but I disagree wholeheartedly. I mean, I agree that smoking is probably the most horrible and deadly of all bad habits, that far too many Americans do it, and that many of us are likely to die from it. On the other hand, as a smoker (of cigars), I understand what it means to have a vice. I understand how worldly pressures can lead to comfort in acting out “bad” habits. There’s nothing I crave more at the end of a hard day than a nice cigar and some peace and quiet. And I say, let a man have his vices. Assuredly, too many vices is not a good thing but a person with no vices at all? That’s just disturbing.
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McDonnell Thesis: Does It Matter?/Humor: Is It a Youthful Indiscretion?

JESSICA BADER: Bob McDonnell’s Regent University thesis is the sort of thing that is likely to turn off moderate voters, especially women, and is the sort of thing Creigh Deeds should keep attacking on.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like Jessica, I think the Bob McDonnell thesis is deeply troubling and revelatory about what kind of governor he is likely to be. In his mid-thirties, he writes of a worldview that is out of touch with what most Americans believe on questions ranging from gay rights to the basic definition of a 21st century American woman. Unfortunately, I have a strong suspicion that it won’t matter.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: On Friday, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell gave a live radio interview, in which he said, “I’ve outlined twelve f–ing funding mechanisms that are creative, that are entrepreneurial …” Continue reading

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