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Sportsman of the Year: Drew Brees, Michael Vick or LeBron James

Krysten Oliphant: The sports person of the year has to be New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

CHRIS PUMMER: Brees might be a nice guy, but nothing defines the competitive spirit of the modern athlete better than knowing you’re so good that you can tell everyone else to go fuck themselves. That’s why LeBron James is my Sportsman of the Year. Continue reading

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MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Thanks for joining up with the Humane Society to speak out about the evils of dog fighting, Michael Vick, but you’re not really convincing me here. I might be more apt to listen to what you have to say on the subject had you not gone to jail for bankrolling a dog fighting operation. Certainly there’s no telling whether or not you would have stopped it on your own and come out against dog fighting if you hadn’t been arrested; maybe as the police broke down the door you were in on the verge of an epiphany, standing in puddle of pit bull blood, counting your money and thinking, “hmm…maybe this isn’t ok after all”. I guess now we’ll never know. Continue reading

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NFL Week 10 in Review

Falcons 26, Ravens 21
This battle of the birds was probably about what everyone expected from two good teams. The Falcons (7-2) add more ammunition for the argument that they are the best the NFC has to offer…

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NFL Week 4 In Review

Falcons 16, 49ers 14
That’s back-to-back ugly wins for the Falcons (3-1), but they’ll take it. Meanwhile San Francisco (0-4)  seems happy to take a top-5 draft pick.

JASON CLINKSCALES: I listened to this game via AudioPass and just…

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Michael Vick, Philly QB

Mike Silva: The Michael Vick saga hit home for me personally. First, as a dog lover, I can’t imagine another human being treating animals in such an inhumane way. I am not minimizing some of the other transgressions in sports – sexual assault, drunk driving, or drug use- but to hurt a defenseless creature that essentially wants to provide unconditional love is one of the ultimate acts of evil.

CHRIS PUMMER: Kolb is still the likely long-term solution for this team at quarterback, so endangering his health would be a poor choice, even if another option weren’t readily available. Such an option is in Vick, who is demonstrating he can still uses his legs to cover for a patchwork o-line, but can maybe pass the ball as well as he did before his career went on hiatus.

ALEX PREWITT: It’s funny how thing suddenly spin completely around once Vick puts up a few more numbers, and proved that this successful comeback isn’t just an aberration. The impossible has become reality: Michael Vick has returned to elite quarterback status in the NFL. Forget the dog-fighting puns or the prison jokes, and if we push aside all subjective feelings of morality and look at this from a purely football standpoint, then Vick deserves to be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, hands dow Continue reading

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NFL Week 2 in Review

Falcons 41, Cardinals 7
Guess Matt Leinart wasn’t going to play any better than Derek Anderson.

ALEX PREWITT: Good that the Falcons got this out of their system after getting abused by the Steelers’ defense in Week 1.…

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McNabb to Redskins

JASON CLINKSCALES: So who will Iggles fans blame for cracking the Liberty Bell now?

In all seriousness, the Donovan McNabb trade has confounded millions of fans as the Philadelphia Eagles traded their former quarterback to the rival Washington (Indigenous Peoples) Redskins Sunday night. The idea of trading him has been entertained seemingly every season since he was drafted, but that it actually happened is still a shock, considering that his play under center for eleven seasons is the reason why the franchise was even relevant in the NFL.

CHRIS PUMMER: For the Eagles and Redskins, this trade represents a gamble for both parties. But for the Redskins I think it represents more upside without as much potential downside.

DAVE TOMAR: Of course, all things must come to an end. And in football, this comes invariably sooner than in most other contexts. Football is a Logan’s Run from which only Brett Favre can escape. Most men are old by 30 and crippled by 40. Donovan McNabb, though, is neither of these things. Continue reading

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Michael Vick: Time Served/Conundrum for Eagles Fan

STEPHON JOHNSON: Yes, Michael Vick is back. Yes, he did something terrible and repulsive. Guess what? He served his time. It’s over now. Hide your dogs and let’s play football.

DAVE TOMAR: Vick deserves outrage for taking the opportunity once given to him and exploiting his considerable wealth and resource to engage in a cruel, inhumane, illegal and morally reprehensible criminal conspiracy. The whole ‘everybody deserves a second chance’ line is bullshit code for ‘we think this guy can still make some money for us.’ NFL teams are not required to exercise ethical judgment but I am. Continue reading

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