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In Briefs: Do Men Notice Women Wearing Heels?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I refuse to believe that men don’t notice when women are wearing high heels.


ZOE RICE: men are dumb. they’re not *that* dumb. They realize, even if subconsciously…or at least I bet they realize when the woman *isn’t* wearing heels and therefore looks slightly dumpier…

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: You walk differently in heels! And you’re taller! And you generally feel either sexier, or in pain, or some combination of both. And all of those things are noticeable. Fie on this study. Continue reading

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Sexual Satisfaction by Gender

HOWARD MEGDAL: This piece in the Washington Post spurred quite a bit of discussion among The Perpetual Post writers this past week. For me, it was less a question of a problem with the findings- I am sure sexual satisfaction in women is a complicated set of factors. Instead, what I can’t help but wonder is: have we given up on thinking the only issue men need to resolve for a satisfying sex life is making sure erections don’t last more than four hours?

AKIE BERMISS: Female sexuality remains, for me, one of life’s great unsolved mysteries. And if any of my female friends know the answers to my many questions: they are keeping it secret. I suspect that every day, in ever way, we are becoming better human beings. That all the horrible things going down all over the world are simply the necessary growing pains for a species that feeds off of enlightenment (as much as it does ignorance). I also believe that part of growing into enlightenment is dependent upon our ability to understand the simple things that still evade us. And, generally speaking, the jury is still out on sexuality.
JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: So, I’m a woman. And I daresay I’m a relatively sexual one. But I’m no closer to any sort of answer to this conundrum than The Washington Post, Howard or Akie. Sex and sexuality are tricky business.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: My first impression of the Washington Post article was less to wonder about male vs. female treatments than about the way we treat illnesses and other problems in general. Continue reading

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