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Celebrities We Hate

AKIE BERMISS: Being born in 1983, all of my interaction with things before that is imaginary. And I suppose that is the way it is for all people. History is something you learn either from books or stories or its something you capture from older people around you as it translates down the ladder of generations. And so one can imagine oneself in the times before one’s existence by that proxy. So I have always nursed this false nostalgia for the decades gone by. I feel in my heart that maybe super stars were really stars then. That singers were really singers, that leaders were really great men and women who commanded the attention of the nation, and that celebrated persons were really worth celebrating. I know its probably unrealistic — that, more than likely, those celebrities are as vapid and untalented as many of our present day celebrities — but I still reserve a place in my heart for the simpler beauty and convictions of what songwriter and pianist Dave Frishberg describes as the “dear departed past.”

ZOË RICE: If I pride myself on being rational and forming opinions based on experience and empirical evidence, then why does this recent Defamer article about irrationally hating certain celebrities ring so true? “Hate” takes it too far. But I admit to distasteful feelings when I see or hear about Renee Zellweger, January Jones, or Megan Fox. So, why? Why do I never want to share a dinner table with these women I’ve never even met? Let’s explore.

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In Briefs: Anticipating Avatar and Thoughts on James Cameron

ZOE RICE: I see so few movies, but no one wants to see Avatar with me! I’m sure I’ll get one of my friends to change his/her mind, but the previews do kinda look silly. And yet the buzz from people who’ve seen it sounds amazing, no?

AKIE BERMISS: Yeah I’ve tried to gear myself up for Avatar. But every time I see a
poster or preview it looks so ridiculous!

ZOE RICE: That’s the whole problem! i see a preview, and I’m like…so it’s bad acting and weird floppy blue people? But then the people who’ve seen it call it ground breaking and a whole new chapter in film making…. Continue reading

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Saturday Night Live: Megan Fox/U2

HOWARD MEGDAL: I entered the new season mildly hopeful for the opener. It was my hope that someone as physically prepossessing as Megan Fox would have some talent, and U2 is inoffensive. Alas, Fox does not have any talent to match her looks, and it was painfully obvious that SNL’ writers knew it, too. The episode was, in essence, an exercise on how not to depend on the guest star.

STEVE MURPHY: Megan Fox is attractive, but I don’t think she’s much of an actress, and I’m not a fan of U2. The only thing I’m banking on is the writers having a whole off-season to hone their skills and come up with great new stuff. Fingers crossed.

ZOË RICE: I find myself struggling to find something to write about this season’s SNL premiere broadcast. Mostly, this is because the entire show was a non-event. No skit struck me as memorable, and even the SNL F-Bomb Scandal of ’09 passed me by until I read about it. After rewinding the DVR twice, I finally noticed the entirely unremarkable slip by new cast member Jenny Slate. If SNL was trying to send me off to slumber, it worked. I was bored to sleep. Continue reading

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Worst Summer Films Ever?

TED BERG: Look: I like A.O. Scott. His review of 300 remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in print, and I pretty frequently agree with his assessments of current films.

But his recent article, “Spoon-fed at the Cineplex”, is at best frustrating and at worst infuriating. In it, Scott argues that movie studios, in the face of the declining economy, have grown too cautious and are making only vapid popcorn flicks sure to sell toys and fill theaters but unable to challenge us intellectually.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While I don’t disagree with what Ted said, for me the A.O. Scott piece was perplexing because of what seems to be an ever-increasing array of independent film options. Continue reading

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