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Christmas Spectacular Nostalgia

NAVA BRAHE: When you’re a Jewish kid living in New York City, you can’t avoid Christmas. It’s as in-your-face as another person’s halitosis on a jam-packed rush hour subway train. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is as iconic to a New York Christmas as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Black Friday. I’m not saying the Jewish population just melts into the woodwork until after New Years Day; our enjoyment of the season remains clandestine, but make no mistake – we do have fun with it.

JESSICA BADER: Coming from a family of secular New York City Jews, my relationship with Christmas has always been a bit complicated. From an early age, I was acutely aware of the fact that most of the people around me held different beliefs and celebrated different holidays than I did. My parents (especially my mother), while not really religious, took holidays quite seriously as a time for family togetherness and celebration and lots and lots of food. Christmas wasn’t our holiday, but it was one of the few days a year that brought our nonstop city to something resembling a halt, so we had no choice but to accommodate it. Continue reading

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