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Cindy Sherman for MAC

ZOË RICE: I have a problem with the word “sellout,” in part because I think it negates the possibility of using a commercial outlet for creativity and innovation. I adore the idea of MAC collaborating with Cindy Sherman, and I find it makes me think better of both the artist and the brand. Continue reading

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MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m not sure about Apple’s claims that the iPad will change the way we experience the web, but maybe they meant that in a subtle way—kind of like how crazy straws have changed the way we drink juice.

AKIE BERMISS: The laptop is the home-computer now. Its flexible for any kind of living situation, takes up less space, and works well for typing up long items like term-papers, or business, proposals, or books. Its not the fun, young, hip and sexy girl at the prom anymore.

That’s the iPad. Continue reading

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