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Lost in Review

ZOË RICE: And so we put to rest the second to last episode of Lost. Ever. Plenty happened–some of it exciting, some of it cop-outish. More death and destruction, more flash sideways bleeding (both figurative and literal), more Team Jacob and Team Smokey. And–for now, at least–still more to come.

TED BERG: One more shot to blow our minds is right. And I’ve lost all faith in the writers’ ability to do that. Continue reading

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Lost in Review

ZOË RICE: Generally, I watch Lost on Tuesday nights, let it turn over in my head, then watch it again Wednesdays before reviewing. But this time I’ve only just finished watching for the first time about an hour ago. I did read that many viewers strongly disliked the episode. I didn’t dislike it. But I’m left–as I’ve been so often this season–holding a jumbled bag of impressions and (surprise!) questions.

TED BERG: You want my take on “Across the Sea”? Here it is: BOOOOOOOOOOO!
Continue reading

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Lost: Week in Review

ZOË RICE: Okay, Lost, now we’re boogying! This week’s episode, “The Candidate,” was suspenseful, emotional, and action-packed. We begin in flash sideways with Locke, whom Jack names as “a candidate.” Not the candidate, mind you, a candidate. The candidate, according to much of the goings-on in this episode, seems to be Jack. So should we take that as Lost gospel? Or should we consider it a red herring? Continue reading

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Lost: Week 13

ZOË RICE: We have four episodes left, and about a gillion characters’ stories to wrap up. Lost has officially entered high octane mode. Gone are the days when one episode would follow one character and, in flashback or flashsideways, unveil something either subtly revealing or wildly unexpected about that familiar character. Now the whole cast’s involved, and they’re meeting willy nilly, and we have no choice but to keep up.

TED BERG: Perhaps the crappiest episode in the history of Lost, I think. Nothing really happened in “The Last Recruit” — at least nothing all that interesting. Sawyer wants off the Island. Jack clashes with Sawyer. Shocker. Continue reading

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Lost: Week 11

ZOË RICE: Oh Lost. I don’t know what to think about you this week. In fact, I’m feeling a little…lost. This week’s episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo,” felt like a mash up of pieces that never quite gelled into a cohesive whole. A maintenance episode, perhaps, getting rid of some of the flotsam (sorry, Ilana), and moving along some of the plot (how many plans and camps do we have now?), with a classic Lost twist at the very end (Ouch, Locke).

TED BERG: OK, I’m similarly unsettled as usual, but I’m going to chalk up “Everybody Loves Hugo” to being a transitional episode meant to get important pieces in different places. Continue reading

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Lost: Week 10

ZOË RICE: Oh Desmond, you time-dazzled fool. Doesn’t it seem that everyone has their way with Desmond? The island, the numbers, Eloise, electromagnetism, and of course destiny. Now add in Charles Widmore. And yet this character, always reacting and never initiating, is just so damn fascinating. For that reason, and for the return of Eloise and Daniel, I found last night’s Lost episode to be intriguing.

TED BERG: In the words of the immortal Thomas Dolby: “Science!” How great was it to see a return to the weird Lost stuff I came to love, the reliable sci-fi, electromagnetic, dimension-jumping, time-traveling elements from the first five seasons, before it became all Jesus and the Devil or whoever Jacob and Smokey are? Continue reading

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Lost: Week 9

ZOË RICE: Finally all our Losties appear in the same episode, for the first time all season. And I’ve got to say, I like it. Even mopey old “I can’t feel anything…except this tranquilizer dart, ow” Sayid kind of made me chuckle.

TED BERG: We are rolling, Zoe. Like you, I enjoyed this episode immensely, and not just because of the near-naked Sun sighting and the long-awaited return of Desmond. Continue reading

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Lost: Week 8

ZOË RICE: If this were not the last season of Lost, I would have been happy with this week’s episode. Because really, amidst questions about Jacob and the Man in Black and Richard and how things get done and why things get done…mostly, what we got was a character-driven love story and another exploration of a “man of faith.” But unfortunately, I missed the “aha” moment I was expecting from the long-awaited Richard ep.

TED BERG: I’m with you, Zoe, in the “left wanting” department. And put me down for left wanting a better, more carefully scripted backstory for one of Lost’s most intriguing characters, Richard Alpert, too. Continue reading

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Lost: Week 7

ZOË RICE: I’m going to chalk it up to the awesomeness of Squirrel Baby that I clapped my hands at its hilarious return. Lost’s B-Movie moment, “What is that?” “It’s all I had,” might have been enough for me to enjoy this episode. But thankfully, we got a few other bones tossed at us besides the creepy fake baby skull.

TED BERG: Seems like the season is picking up steam, huh? To pick up on a point you made, I was pretty fascinated by what Smokey McLocke said about having a crazy mother, so I checked the Wikipedia page for Rebekah, the mother of Jacob and Esau, figuring there might be some Biblical clues there. Continue reading

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Lost: Week 6

ZOË RICE: Redemption. For this show, yes, after its lukewarm episode last week. But also, is that it? Will our entire end game be about redemption? And will that be enough? I can’t yet know the answer, but we sure got a heaping tablespoon of the stuff this week (redemption, that is, not answers), and overall I found myself satisfied. Thankfully, Ben Linus is a much more intriguing character than last week’s Sayid.

TED BERG:This was the best Lost episode of the season, I thought. That’s not saying a ton, and it wasn’t enough to get me back to being as wrapped up in the show’s plot and intricacies as I was in the first five seasons of its run, but it was good. A refreshing change of pace. Continue reading

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