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Capuano or Marquis?

CHRIS PUMMER: Nobody is likely to remember Chris Capuano as the one that got away for the Mets, but the lefty did strike a pretty fair deal with the Dodgers. Certainly I think it will be better than…

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Ted Lilly’s Contract

Mike Silva : In a vacuum Ted Lilly‘s 3 year/$33 million dollar deal is a good contract. Over the last four years Lilly has won 54 games, pitched to a 3.68 ERA, and an ERA+ of 121. Additionally, he’s pitched 175 plus innings during that span despite entering his late prime.

CHRIS PUMMER: None of this is to say the Dodgers can’t do all of these things with Ted Lilly on the payroll, with this reasonable contract. Should the team get its house in order, then a payroll north of $100 million should be on the horizon.

You’d have to think the Dodgers are willing to go there. Because if not, then you have to question the decision to make an aging Lilly a tenth of your payroll or more. Continue reading

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Cliff Lee: Sabathia Money?

HOWARD MEGDAL: As Monday night’s performance showed once again, Cliff Lee is one of the game’s finest pitchers. By pitching so well in the ALCS, against the Yankees, Lee has probably driven up his market value to the equivalent of CC Sabathia, who signed a seven-year, $161 million contract with the Yankees a few years ago.

Whichever team makes that commitment to Lee, I believe, would be making a huge mistake. Continue reading

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Perpetual Post NL West Preview

Last Year’s Finish
Los Angeles Dodgers
Colorado Rockies
San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres
Arizona Diamondbacks. Continue reading

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Winter Meetings Review: Win, Lose or Draw

Every MLB team went to Indianapolis last week looking to improve itself. We decide which teams got it done, which teams went the wrong way and which ones remain in a holding patern. Continue reading

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Dodgers or Phillies?

HOWARD MEGDAL: From the moment Philadelphia’s starting pitcher exits the game, excitement and fear will course through every Phillies’ fan, and justifiably so. Some are picking the Dodgers because of this flaw. But I like the Phillies in the NLCS because their starting pitching, offense and defense is good enough to overcome their bullpen.

CHRIS NEEDHAM: The difference in this series comes down to what Casey Stengel knew best: the platoon advantage. LA has the lefties it needs to neuter (or at least bring down to size) Philly’s big bats. Continue reading

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NL West Discourse: Dodger Blue OR Diamondback… Red, I Guess?

CHRIS NEEDHAM: While sometimes it still feels like the Manny to the Dodgers extended foxtrot is still going on, he did, in fact, sign. And with that, the Dodgers are likely to return to the top of the division.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While we agree on most of what you said, I do take issue with a few things, particularly your team at the top. I believe Arizona will win the NL West, not the Dodgers. Continue reading

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