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MLB Previews: Marlins, Royals, Astros, Angels, Dodgers

The status quo rules in Florida, Kansas City and Houston. Everyone in Los Angeles will be keeping their fingers crossed. Continue reading

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Derek Jeter and 3000 Hits

MIKE CUMMINGS: A couple Sundays ago, Derek Jeter collected the 2,874th hit of his career, one more than Babe Ruth and … uh oh. That can’t be right, can it? Babe Ruth started his career at 19, was a regular by 24, and played on until he was 40. He spent 22 seasons in the big leagues, hit 714 home runs, recorded 2,873 hits and is now generally considered one of the best — if not the best — players of all-time.

HOWARD MEGDAL: At the risk of disagreeing, I don’t see this as a tough call. Babe Ruth is a much better hitter than Derek Jeter, beyond even the home runs. But more importantly, I’m wondering exactly why 3,000 hits has remained the standard for the Hall of Fame. Continue reading

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The Dan Haren Trade

JASON CLINKSCALES: While this isn’t exactly Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown and others, this Dan Haren trade has quite a few baseball people upset. It’s understandable when you consider that Haren is a strikeout machine; a somewhat rare thing, even in this resurgent year for pitchers. However, it’s hard to say that this deal will immediately give the will-always-be Anaheim Angels the last piece of the puzzle to grab the Wild Card.

JESSICA BADER: Even with Dan Haren, the Angels most likely will be watching the playoffs on TV this year. Yet that shouldn’t obscure what a good trade this was for Anaheim and what an awful one it was for Arizona. Continue reading

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State of the Napoli

JESSICA BADER: The rise of defensive metrics like UZR and Plus/Minus has helped immensely in clearly sorting out how much value position players have in the field. However, it is still difficult to quantify a catcher’s defensive contributions, so the old cliches about calling a good game and how a catcher looks back there still carry a lot of weight. Perhaps the most frustrating example of this is in Anaheim, where the underappreciated Mike Napoli dons the tools of ignorance.

CHRIS PUMMER: Even good, well-run teams like the Angels are guilty of it. So despite all the talk about how they favor a catch-and-throw guy like Jeff Mathis behind the plate, Napoli still got more than 400 plate appearances last year. Even without the Mathis injury, he would have probably reached that level again this year so long as his bat continued to cover up any defensive deficiencies the Angels either perceive or imagine. Continue reading

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Chone Figgins: Good Free Agent Bet?

CHRIS PUMMER: Teams in need of a third baseman with payroll room should be more than willing to take a chance on Figgins at his rumored asking price.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I think the argument is pretty simple: Chone Figgins has a career OPS+ of 99, and is entering his age-32 season, making it likely that it will go down over the life of a contract that covers, say, his age 32-36 seasons. But at current level even, Figgins simply isn’t worth a 5 year/$50 million, no matter what position he plays.

HOWARD MEGDAL: fdsafdsa fdsafdsafsd. Continue reading

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Yankees or Angels?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I don’t think anyone would be crazy to pick either of these teams in the American League Championship Series. This is truer still because of the small sample of any playoff series- but even in a 162-game struggle, these two are close. I just think the Yankees have the edge in this particular go-around.

CHRIS PUMMER: I don’t think the Angels are getting credit for how deep they are in pitching options. It’s an advantage that could help put the Yankees away early if they get a few bounces early in the series. Continue reading

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AL West Discourse

STEPHON JOHNSON: The year may change but the American League West results stay the same.

CHRIS PUMMER: Don’t print playoff tickets in Anaheim of Los Angeles of California or wherever the hell just yet. Continue reading

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