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iPad Emoticons and Everyday Conversation

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’ve been finding it more and more difficult lately to express myself during casual, face to face conversations with others. I’m fine sending text messages or chatting on IM, but actual in person interactions have become strangely complicated in recent years. For example, I’ll be telling a story to a friend in person, and I’ll feel the need to stop and punctuate a sentence with a smile, to show that I’m in a good mood, or a winky-face, to show that I’m teasing—but it’s strangely awkward making those faces with my actual face. How did we used to express moods like >=o and :D to each before the advent of the instant message? And how did you know when you had made someone LOL or WTF?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Verily, if you need to, say, read the New York Times online or amuse your baby with video fish, the iPad is indispensable. But you might have a care for the rest of us! For we who have mastered the fine art of analog facial expression find ourselves going the way of chivalry and scrimshaw. Continue reading

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Facebook and Intelligence

AKIE BERMISS: Well here I go again — like the perennial Charlie Brown/Lucy football gag — lining up to kick the ball that is Facebook. Every time I defend it, I end up with egg on my face. Every quality it possesses which I find to be of note can promptly be cited in it most warped and perverse incarnation. What further can I do? What recourse is left to the intelligent mind defending Facebook? I’m backed in to a corner. And why?

The answer is: Lamebook.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I approach this topic from a different side than Akie. I’m a self-professed hater of Facebook—and some might say that I profess too much. They may have a point, because lately I’ve found myself addicted to a couple of its offshoot websites: Lamebook and STFU Marrieds.

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Texting: The New Intimacy/Breakdown in Society

(To the tune of “There’s Nothing Like a Dame”): There’s nothing like a text! Nothing in the world.

HOWARD MEGDAL: With the advent of text messaging, all other human communication can be described as superfluous at best and at worst,…

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