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Liberal Opinion of Obama

AKIE BERMISS: I guess it would be hard for me to describe myself as a hardcore liberal. Not me. Certainly, born a Democrat, liberal-leaning values, and in my ideal world everything is green, recyclable government-by-the-people. However, whenever I start to consider problems in the imperfect and corporeal world before me, I become a sort of Democratic pragmatist. That is, I know that if I have some liberal fantasy I’ve been nursing in the back of my mind then there is problem someone out there with a non-liberal utopian paradise that they’d like to see. I think adhering to core principles is a great virtue especially as an academic or theorist, as a sophist or teacher, or something like that. But when it comes to governing — and, let’s be clear, by “governing” we mean ruling/guiding/helping/punishing a large group of people — there is simply no effective way to be both an effective idealist and an effective ruler. This sounds like pooh-poohing, I know, and my liberal friends have already condemned me to an atheistic perdition because of it. Nonetheless, I think if you really look at history, you’ll find it to be true.

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