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State of the Lastings

HOWARD MEGDAL: It’s hard right now for us in the pro-Lastings Milledge camp. His batting line, entering Thursday night’s games, is .244/.313/.305. His UZR in left field, despite a ton of work out there, is terrible. In short, he’s not just far less than the player many expected he’d be by now- he’s not nearly the player he was just three years ago, playing at age 22 with the Mets.

But I, for one, am not giving up on him just yet.

CHRIS NEEDHAM:Oh, Lastings. I used to think you were a misunderstood black kid in a world of crusty ol’ white men. Then I saw you play. They may be crusty, but you’re pretty crappy. Continue reading

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Third Place, NL East: Braves/Nationals

Oh, there was a time that picking the Atlanta Braves for third place would’ve elicited laughter.  But then, there was also a time that an episode of ALF would’ve done the same.  Lately?   Not so much.

The Braves have a…

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