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Baseball Hall of Fame Ballots

HOWARD MEGDAL: For me, the ballot is filled with deserving candidates.

MIKE SILVA: I would say my ballot uses statistics, intangibles, and the eye test. Although I don’t deny the use of PED’s I don’t penalize since I don’t know enough about pharmacology to do so.

ALEX PREWITT: This year’s ballot has more first-timers (19) than any year since 1991, and thus presents a difficult problem for those voters limited to 10 selections. Obviously, the other issue surrounds the inclusion (or exclusion) of steroid-era players.

CHRIS PUMMER: My hypothetical ballot hasn’t changed much from a year ago, when I gave the rundown of why I was voting for 10 guys. One guy was elected (Andre Dawson), and another guy fell off the ballot (sorry, Robin Ventura). Continue reading

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Larry Walker: Hall of Famer?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I understand why Chuck Klein took so long to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame. Sure, he’d put up terrific numbers, but they took place with Klein playing his home games for years at the Baker Bowl, a very generous hitting environment. He retired in 1944, and without stats that can appropriately adjust raw numbers to reflect era and ballpark, it was impossible to know just how good Klein was for many years.

Well, that’s not true of Larry Walker, and here’s what we know: he was offensively superior to Klein, along with nearly everyone else to play right field, and his career was about 10 percent longer than Klein, a 1980 inductee. In fact, Walker is better than many right fielders in the Hall-to find right fielders superior to him, one needs to look at the Hall’s inner circle. Walker is an easy choice.

CHRIS PUMMER: It’s not clear that it would be a travesty should Walker not make it into the Hall of Fame. That’s even before anyone mentions Coors Field and whatever benefit Walker may have gained in playing there.

If a extreme Big Hall guy like me is on the fence about Walker’s candidacy, then it’s hard to say he has a slam-dunk case. Continue reading

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