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Modern Family: Little Bo Bleep

KIP MOONEY: For the second week in a row, Modern Family revolved around disastrous public speaking engagements. It also continued to be consistently hilarious.

Let’s start with my favorite scene: the mock debate at the Dunphy house. See, Claire has…

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In Briefs: Robots Vs. Zombies

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: So, robots have been developing a language to talk to each other in. It’s been nice knowing all of you:

CHRIS PUMMER: Having seen The Terminator, this is something I was afraid of when I bought a Roomba.

AKIE BERMISS: i don’t care about machines talking to each other. that’s cool. they probably won’t gang up on us until they are able to talk to *us* and see how lame and petty we are. then: its on.
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Rude Emails

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Through I have had several different kinds of jobs since college, the common thread between all of them has been email: Lots of it. No matter what my company or position, I usually spend quite a lot of time at work emailing; most of my communication is conducted that way. My unspoken job, particularly when I am in an administrative role, is generally to be responsive to emails, polite, cheerful and professional.

AKIE BERMISS: I guess I’m just too sensitive — I get really heated over rude emails. I don’t like rude correspondence at all. Except when, in some instances when “rudeness” is actually the polite way of saying something. There are situations like that, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I may not have a degree in it, but I consider myself a man of letters (if sometimes those letters are mixed up and jumbled and in the wrong places — well, I can be a man for those letters too) and as such I have keen respect for the written forms. Be they high or low — speeches, lectures, legal argumentation, birthday wishes, religious pamphlets — whatever. And in the more nascent world of written communication that is the internet, I have an even more vested interest in seeing things done properly. And that’s why I get frothing mad at rude, or even rudely constructed, emails.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Here’s who I think gets off easy regarding rude e-mails: old people.

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