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So You Think You Can Dance: Week in Review

ZOË RICE: Forgive me, but SYTYCD and Lady Gaga do not make for a bad romance! Gaga sat her ornately costumed ass down in Nigel’s usual spot, kicked up her giant platform heels, and had herself a quippy, teary, dramatic episode. Unafraid to slam the choreographers (rather brutal to Nappy Tabs!), eager to praise every dancer, and ready to spar with Nigel, Gaga infused the show with fun and delight. Continue reading

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SNL Season Finale

ZOË RICE: First, apologies for the DEMON FLU that beat me up and delayed this review by a week. As for Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his new European finance savvy con friends, I feel rather ambivalent. The concept was a bit one-note, and despite some good moments, I thought Pharoah and Thompson ultimately fell short.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I thought they made the best of the single note they were given. Decent concept, didn’t go anywhere. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 22

KIP MOONEY: I missed last night’s live broadcast because I was experiencing the glory of Fleet Foxes in concert. But the one thing my mom told me about tonight’s episode came true: Bring a legal pad with you’ll lose track of all the great one-liners.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agreed on most counts- I think the issue is less with using plot devices that are overused previously on other shows, however, and seeing those devices deviate from the characters themselves. Continue reading

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ZOË RICE: First-off, there’s the mis-billing. Tuesday’s 90-minute Glee episode wasn’t really “Glee Does Gaga!” as much as it was “Glee Does A Lesson About Self-Love In Its Glee Way With Maybe A Bit Too Much Schmaltz But Also Some Funny Moments And With A Touch Of Refreshing Characterization. Oh And Here’s A Gaga Song At The End.” So there’s that.

JESSICA BADER: To be totally honest, when I first saw the promo for this week’s episode, with Kurt announcing his return to McKinley, I was a little bit nervous. I was afraid that Glee was going for the sugar rush of reuniting Kurt with his New Directions family and would be so eager to make it happen that it would shove aside the storyline of why he left for Dalton in the first place and what issues he might have with coming back. My fears could not have been more misguided. Continue reading

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Janelle Monae

Eric: I did not sign up for this topic because I had something coherent to say about Janelle Monae. Rather, it was blind and overwhelming enthusiasm.

AKIE BERMISS: Well, on the one hand, I too and writing from sheer, unbridled fandom. I think I heard a snippet of Monae’s “Tightrope” a few months back and I thought it sounded pretty funky. In fact, it led me to look up her bio and read reviews of her previous record — the self-produced Metropolis EP. And, as a geek and funkster, I have weakness for all things alien, cyborg, and futuristic. Funk is, after all, that futuristic music. Its the blues for robots. And, if you’ve ever read any Isaac Asimov you’ll know, when robots get the blues its heavy.

Continue reading

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SNL In Review: Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga

ZOË RICE: My, this was depressing. A whole checklist of non-change from Fred Armisen’s Barack Obama. Do we have health care? “Hell no!” It’s a shame, too, because when Obama accomplishes something, we laugh. He got a white police officer and a black professor together for a beer–that’s hilarious! I imagine the public option woulda had me rolling on the floor.

HOWARD MEGDAL: So I am always happy when they open with political humor- but I don’t really see how this resonates. It’s this fundamental misread of what a president does. Pretty clearly, the humor of this week rested in the Senate Finance Committee, which The Daily Show exploited fully. SNL can do better here.

STEVE MURPHY: Well, this was pretty brutal, but funny! It’s been a while since a political sketch made me chuckle (note: not laugh) on SNL, especially in the Cold Open. Armisen has seriously revised his Obama impression, limiting it to pretty much just a wig and a suit, dropping Obama’s signature cadence to use Armisen’s standard speaking voice. I think this new impression works very well, Obama’s slow speech pattern always stepped on his jokes. Continue reading

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