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SNL: Mick Jagger

ZOË RICE: I wasn’t happy to see “The Lawrence Welk Show,” on the screen, but this (likely final, given Wiig’s exit?) installment was better than most. I chalk it up to 1) Jon Hamm, and 2) Changing…

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SNL Cast Changes

ZOË RICE: Although I will miss Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg when they leave SNL, the show itself will probably only really miss one of them. Continue reading

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SNL Alec Baldwin/Radiohead

ZOË RICE: I don’t love myself for laughing at Taran Killam’s Huntsman-does-Chinese-restaurant gag, but I did, and more than “little bit.” Entertaining opener to the season, with Wiig starting her year off strong as Bachmann.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Across the board, this really captured the essence of the GOP debates. Well done here. Continue reading

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SNL: Tina Fey/Ellie Goulding

ZOË RICE: So, Osama didn’t want to be buried at sea. That’s the joke? And that he’s poor? Oh…kay… This was some kinda wasted opportunity.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Astonishingly poor. Another reminder that even with a full week to come up with something definitive, The Daily Show is where CV of humor is now set. Continue reading

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SNL Jesse Eisenberg/Nicki Minaj

ZOË RICE: The SNL writers should be watching the Daily Show to see what’s already been done with topical political humor. In this case it was Olivia Munn whose similar – and briefer – Daily Show gag got to Michele Bachmann’s “technical difficulties” first. So because I’d seen that, this one felt a touch stale.

A touch? They stole the TDS bit, but stretched it out into five minutes, and added none of the other aspects of what made The Daily Show funny. Honestly, it feels like SNL sometimes wants to make The Daily Show more relevant with their political humor. Maybe it’s my fault- I really had high hopes for SNL on this one. Very disappointing. Continue reading

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SNL in Review: Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars

HOWARD MEGDAL: This is typical of what SNL gets wrong. They are convinced something is in the zeitgeist- sometimes correctly, I believe in this case, incorrectly- and that merely by giving viewers a straight-on presentation of it, the humor will flow naturally. Well, it didn’t. Not here. And that one joke was repeated throughout the skit. Crazy that this opened the show.

ZOË RICE: I enjoyed this. I can’t say I know much about Gloria Allred, but both the questions and answers made me chuckle. Continue reading

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SNL: Alec Baldwin/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

ZOË RICE: I like the topical choice of subject, even if the Daily Show’s bit on the oil spill is hard to beat. I especially enjoyed Armisen in this sketch. I would have liked to see a couple more “plans” but that’s a good sign if I want more, no?

STEVE MURPHY: I’m just elated that didn’t have a politician in it! I enjoyed the plans (particularly the ‘Back Up Plan’), and I agree with Zoe, SNL has never been very good at leaving you wanting more, typically opting for “repeat it till it dies and then keep repeating it.” A moderately good start!

HOWARD MEGDAL: Exactly- it was the pacing that made this work. Way too many openings drag. Continue reading

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SNL: Gabourey Sidibe and MGMT

ZOË RICE Gabourey Sidibe has been darling and funny in interviews…but how would she do at scripted comedy? The monologue really started for me with “I’m famous now. Suck it college.” And then came the cute little back up dancer outfits. Sometimes it just takes some early 60s spectacle and a big happy woman to put a smile on my face. I had to rewind a couple times to hear the the lyrics, and Gaby needs a better wig, but overall the monologue was very enjoyable, in large part because of Sidibe’s likability.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Wow. As Obama and the Democrats actually get tough on financial reform, SNL portrays him as acquiescing. Happy to see Obama humor-hell, this skit would have worked a month ago! But to do it as Democrats actually hold firm and Obama took Wall Street to task? It was as strange as having a sympathetic priest on the show two weeks ago. Continue reading

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SNL: James Franco/Muse

ZOË RICE: SNL rarely opens with this type of recurring sketch–the Lawrence Welk show, with those 4 singing sisters–and the host, James Franco appeared in it, another rarity. I get the sense this skit might not have been the original opener, but I don’t care. I loved it. I laughed heartily. Eunice is so friggin’ funny. With those little mutant hands and all their hilarious antics! James Franco held his own and made me psyched for the rest of the show.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I have to say, I do enjoy this skit. Obviously, skewering Lawrence Welk isn’t particularly timely, and it does play oddly as the opener- but I’m glad for it, and James Franco announced his presence with authority.

STEVE MURPHY: I think the only reason this was so jarring is because the cold open is usually political and usually sucks. Overall this one was a success for me. I don’t understand why this needs sketch even needs a Lawrence Welk reference, really. I’m with Howard, the Lawrence Welk Show isn’t topical enough to lampoon. Luckily James Franco was fantastic, and Kristen Wiig was intensely creepy as usual as the mutant fourth sister (even if her lines weren’t as funny as usual). Franco’s gonna be a great host, I can feel it! Continue reading

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Annotated SNL In Review: Steve Martin / Jason Mraz

HOWARD MEGDAL: As a lifelong Saturday Night Live fan, the level of the current season has been a source of joy to me. Though many of my contemporaries have given up on the show after some recent seasons, those who…

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