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Huffington Post’s Good News Section

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I like the idea of a Good News section in the newspaper. I feel like that’s what People Magazine kind of used to be about? Inspiring stories about people who weren’t famous? But it’s turned into 10% that, and 90% celebrity wedding photos and Teen Mom scoops.

ZOË RICE: My relationship with the news changed ten years ago, in the aftermath of September 11th. A downtown New Yorker in the thick of it all, I needed a balanced portrait of what was happening in my backyard and an objective viewpoint of world goings-on. Instead, I got the kind of scare-mongering that promoted ratings. By the time “It’s Anthrax!!!” became a daily warning from my local news, I wiped my hands of it and decided that from now on I’d be combing headlines with the same eye I used to evaluate entertainment – no mind-numbing Housewives or Jersey Shoreites. And no alarmist exaggerating from my formerly trusted news sources. Continue reading

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Review: The New Girl

ZOË RICE: Sitting down to watch New Girl, I kinda knew I was going to either love Zooey Deschanel in the role or hate her. Cuteness can go that way – and Deschanel is very cute. She’s stunning to look at with her million-dollar-gem sized eyes, milk skin, and thick, wavy dark hair, but wait – she’s quirky too! Off screen I dig that. I follow her fashions and enjoy her interviews. But for me on screen, her quirky cuteness mostly boiled down to: Oh my God, stop singing.

JESSICA BADER: Watching the pilot of New Girl, I kept thinking two things. One, this has the potential to be a fun, zeitgeist-capturing hit (the douchebag jar is genius). Two, the creative team needs to step away from the caffeine/sugar/whatever it was that made the show feel so frenetic – the little vignettes of Schmidt getting mocked at work for his pink tie and Coach yelling at the women in the exercise class he was teaching made my teeth hurt. Continue reading

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HOWARD MEGDAL: I will come right out and say it: I do not understand tanning.

My understanding is that its origins come out of the tradition of those who lit themselves on fire to protest the Vietnam War. While this doesn’t make a tremendous amount of sense on its face- if you are burned to death, it becomes much harder for you to facilitate a ceasefire-at least there is a reasonable emotional link between hatred of an unjust war and self-immolation. It is an action that makes far less sense to get across the idea, “I like kittens!”

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: So, here’s the thing. I know tanning’s a bad idea. I read. I read stuff that tells me I’m going to die if I strip down, lube up, and hang out in one of those cancer coffins that shoots ultraviolet rays at me. But, I’m also vain. Tremendously vain. So, maybe I sometimes go to the tanning bed. Continue reading

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