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Netflix for Books?

AKIE BERMISS: Various times in the short history of this publication we’ve puzzled over the future of books and of reading and of literacy.  We’ve discussed the demise of Borders and the rise of eBooks and the changing lay of…

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In Briefs: Paper Books vs. eReaders

HOWARD MEGDAL: Behold: the Eric Carle app. http://myveryfirstapp.com/

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I don’t want to dislike that, but I do. Continue reading

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“Owning” E-Books

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m too broke to shell out for a Kindle or a Nook or any other kind of eBook reader, but that’s ok, because I’m frankly a little confused about the less tangible benefits of owning one.

LAURA ROBERTS: I find the notion that we don’t “own” e-books a bit weird, especially given the almost random pricing publishers are doling out at this point in time.

HANNAH WALK: I don’t own an e-book reader either, but as is the norm in my generation (I’m on the young end of the 18-25 market), I spend a lot of time reading on my computer. I read newspapers from all over the world (everything from Le Monde Diplomatique, the English version of France’s Le Monde, to TMZ), I do crossword puzzles, I use Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Then, when I get tired of all of those media outlets, I comb the web for short fiction and amusing blogs. It never ceases to amaze me that I can consume all of that information without having any personal claim to it. Continue reading

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HOWARD MEGDAL: As a Newsweek subscriber on my Amazon Kindle, I am a bit of a hybrid between the forces that are crushing Newsweek and those who are keeping it alive. Molly and Jeff will speak more about the usage of the magazine today; for me, an inveterate reader of publications, I find Newsweek unusually well-edited and vital, despite having read about most of the stories in lesser depth prior to coming across them in Newsweek.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I like reading Newsweek. Granted, I’m not passionately devoted to it. I don’t get a tingly feeling every week when I open my mailbox and find a Newsweek waiting for me—or if I do, it’s a minor tingly feeling; below the one I get when I receive the latest Cooks’ Illustrated, but above the one I get when I have no mail. Still, I enjoy reading Newsweek.

JEFF MORROW: I still love print magazines, but I dropped my subscription to Newsweek five years ago. In an internet world, an accessible news weekly may no longer serve a purpose. Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Nomination: The Internet

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I was more than a little skeptical upon learning of the Internet’s nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. Really? The Internet? Was it nominated by the kind of person who thinks that a little gnome turns off the light in the refrigerator when you close the door?

JEFF MORROW: My colleague may be skeptical, but not skeptical enough to see this for what it really is. Continue reading

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Amazon’s Kindle Mistakes

STEVE MURPHY: Amazon had a terrific idea with the Kindle: make books as portable as music. Make a single device to buy, store and read all the books you could ever want to own. A hand-held paradise for those who like to both read and travel at the same time. But… they’re doing it wrong. They’ve taken this great idea and, with the help of publishers, tarnished it so badly it will not be easy to clean.

HOWARD MEGDAL: The Kindle does replicate the reading experience, if not build upon it. The portability of a device that allows me to feel sucked into a given work is a tremendous development. Furthermore, getting newspapers and magazines delivered straight to my Kindle has been a fantastic experience. Reading the New York Times by the pool, or Newsweek while I work out, has never been such a low-maintenance experience. Continue reading

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The Kindle: The Sound OR The Fury?

Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has stirred up a storm of controversy with its text-to-speech feature.  Unfortunately neither the feature nor the fight to remove it were really necessary.


There’s been a

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