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Modern Family: Week 8 in Review

KIP MOONEY: “I think this week’s Modern Family was one of the best episodes of the series. The “nobody’s ready for the party” storyline is almost as old as television itself, so it was great to see that the twist the writers put on here was pulled off so well.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I have to second Kip’s concern about the direction of Cam’s character. One of the pleasures of the Cam and Mitchell relationship is that the crazy was relatively evenly balanced. And throughout this second season, Cam hasn’t been the voice of reason once. Continue reading

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First Birthday Party

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The idea of throwing any kind of lavish celebration for a child’s first birthday seems excessive to me. Yes, it’s an exciting milestone, and it’s certainly an occasion that should be spent with friends and family…but does it call for ice sculptures?

HOWARD MEGDAL: If one-year-olds weren’t meant to have elaborate, lavish birthday parties, why do they make baby tuxedos? Continue reading

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