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A Meek Endorsement: Enough for Crist to Win?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I guess it doesn’t matter- it isn’t happening. Kendrick Meek is clearly in this race until the end. With early voting already underway, Bill Clinton stumping for him, President Obama recording ads- Meek is not leaving this race.

And that’s a shame, since his exit is likely the only way a Democrat wins this seat.

JESSICA BADER: I’ve seen the poll numbers. My nostrils still flare a bit when I think of the special election in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District a few months ago, where a Republican won a D +11 district with less than 40% of the vote because neither of the Democrats would drop out of the race and throw their support to the other. So why do I disagree so strongly with Howard on this? Continue reading

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For Dems: Crist or Meek?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Charlie Crist’s plan is clear. He hopes to combine independent votes with Democratic votes to capture the 2010 Senate seat in Florida. And he’s well within striking distance to do so.

So where does that leave Kendrick Meek, the presumptive Democratic nominee? And more importantly, where does that leave the Democrats? Probably with little choice but to back Crist, if they want to win this election.

CHRIS PUMMER: While the Democrats certainly don’t push party purity like conservative activists do within the GOP, base Dems probably deserve a candidate more in line with their beliefs. Continue reading

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FL-SEN: Kendrick Meek’s To Lose?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Conventional wisdom has an independent bid for Florida’s U.S. Senate race by Charlie Crist as a godsend for Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee. In fact, many believe that the race is Meek’s to lose once Crist enters the fray as an independent.

But lose it he might. There still may not be room for Meek in this race.

CHRIS PUMMER: If Meek can in fact consolidate Democratic support — and I see no convincing reason why he won’t — he stands to be the winner of the Republican Party’s civil war for Florida. Continue reading

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