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In Briefs: Highest-Paid Authors

JILLIAN LOWERY: This list of the best-paid authors makes me queasy.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Horrible, I agree. Especially as I think I’ve heard the name James Patterson, but certainly couldn’t tell you one of his big hits. At least Michael Crichton, for example, has written a load of crap people can identify.

Frankly, I would like to see a bestselling female author on this list who ISN’T writing lame-ass romance novels.

AKIE BERMISS: re: Bestselling Authors — i’m a scifi nut. so i’m not sure i really relate to this list. though i currently have four books lined up (in three different fantasy series), my most recent purchase was the first volume of the Shelby Foote Civil War books. which i intend to read through the fall… as i smoke cigars and admire the foliage. These names do make me cringe. did i ever post the link with the best selling books my metropolitan area? that’s more alarming, if you ask me.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Allow me to make the alternate argument.

While we may not like all the products being produced by the authors, they are writers making huge sums of money.

Is this not far better than living in a world where no one producing new written words can earn a ludicrously lavish sum of money for doing so? Continue reading

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AL West Discourse

STEPHON JOHNSON: The year may change but the American League West results stay the same.

CHRIS PUMMER: Don’t print playoff tickets in Anaheim of Los Angeles of California or wherever the hell just yet. Continue reading

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Third Place, NL East: Braves/Nationals

Oh, there was a time that picking the Atlanta Braves for third place would’ve elicited laughter.  But then, there was also a time that an episode of ALF would’ve done the same.  Lately?   Not so much.

The Braves have a…

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