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SNL: Katy Perry/Robyn

ZOË RICE: Ok, so the Trump debate is a good, timely topic to spoof. But relying on Darrrell Hammond’s impression wasn’t enough. We’ve seen countless Trump impressions before, and none are as buffoonish as the real thing. I think a version of the actual debate (adding some extras, maybe Palin? Some clever hypothetical candidate-replacements? ) would have worked better.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Poor Darrell Hammond: they bring him back, and don’t bother to write his part. Based on what I heard on Fresh Air, he’s been through enough abuse already. Continue reading

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Music and Messages

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The other day on my way to work I found myself listening—and I mean really listening—to the lyrics of Katy Perry’s newest hit single, “E.T”.

EMILY SAIDEL: Katy Perry’s hit song “E.T.” (featuring Kanye West) has been in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 14 weeks. While there is a lot to be said about the lyrics–sexually fetishing “the other”, a female voice asking to be a victim–I am far more fascinated by the music video, particularly when contrasted with Britney Spears’ “Till the World Ends.” Both pop stars are dealing in apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic visual images, potentially weighty images for dance songs in difficult economic times. However, each deftly avoids delving into the consequences of the destruction of civilization by concentrating on sexuality. Continue reading

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Katy Perry’s Breasts and Sesame Street

KATE KOWSH: Admittedly, Katy’s Perries were kind of on display during her recent controversial play date with Elmo. But did it really need to become issue number one on the shit list in the national conversation on decency standards for children? Perry didn’t strap on a pair of letter ‘p’-shaped pasties and straddle the Sesame Street pole. She wore a costume. Yes, it was revealing. But she looked lovely.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While Katy Perry’s attire on Sesame Street couldn’t be considered traditional, I fail to see why it should cause any more consternation than if she arrived on set wearing a funny hat. Continue reading

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SNL in Review: Amy Poehler/Katy Perry

ZOË RICE: There was potential here–alas unrealized. I guess the gag is that Christine Cornell actually masturbates and has other hidden skeletons in her closet? Like dog fighting? I enjoyed the final beat, with Kristin Wiig donning hat and broom. Otherwise…

My biggest problem here is that Wiig doesn’t even appear to have bothered with a character. It’s the stock Wiig, and it drags because they give her nothing to work with, dialogue-wise. I expected more after a whole summer to recharge, but this was the case throughout the episode. Continue reading

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The Death of Print: A Travesty/Finally, Clean Hands!

TED BERG: You can’t use your Kindle for kindling. You can’t roll it up and smack it on your wrist to let the dog know he’s been bad and you can’t line your hamsterrarium with it. You can’t use it as a blanket or umbrella in a pinch, and you certainly can’t purchase one for less than a dollar. [MORE]


Sure, I’d like to be able to defend print; in fact, nothing would make me happier. I have fond memories of curling up with countless books; I’ve spent many enjoyable Sunday mornings lingering over a cup of coffee and a newspaper. But when you get right down to it, those are the same boring, predictable pleasures which readers of printed material have been experiencing for centuries. Print, what have you done for us lately? [MORE] Continue reading

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