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The Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Zeitgeist

AKIE BERMISS: I really hate writing about race. I don’t mind reading about it, I love discussing it, and I am fascinated by how it works in our day-to-day lives — but I’ve never tried to write a summation on the subject myself because, really, I hate to write about it…But there’s nothing for it! The recent arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home has brought up race in the national media once again. And now, suddenly, everybody is trying to get a handle on what it is they want to say. Or want to know. Or want to do. Well if it must be done — its best ’twere done quickly. And so…

HOWARD MEGDAL: Can’t take any issue with what Akie has written whatsoever. Race is inescapable relative to what took place between Sgt. Crowley and Mr. Gates. But I come from a different perspective, and I’d like to point out that both Barack Obama’s criticism, and the larger issues many people have with Sgt. Crowley’s act itself, would be perfectly valid had race not even been part of the equation. Continue reading

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Two Views of Whatever Works

HOWARD MEGDAL: Whatever Works didn’t.

AKIE BERMISS: All in all, it was a great film. And I DO mean film. Not a movie. Allen is a composer and his compositions betray his talent and dedication to craft. Much of what we find to be funny today owes its success to Allen’s wild invention days of the 70s. His anti-hero schlubbs, his idiosyncratic way of making New York a character in the story, his snappy dialogue — and on and on. Continue reading

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