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Christie and Schundler

HOWARD MEGDAL: What a pleasure it was to be reminded of Bret Schundler by this recent scandal. Schundler, of course, was Chris Christie before Christie was- a conservative Republican who found brief success in New Jersey, land of Democrats, after those Democrats proved to be temporarily unpalatable due to a combination of corruption and political malpractice.

JESSICA BADER: The fallout from New Jersey’s failure to win $400 million in federal funding from the Race To The Top initiative has mostly served to hurt Chris Christie in an area where he was already vulnerable. The education cuts he pushed during budget negotiations earlier in the year led to protests by teachers and students, and his reaction to the state not getting much-needed money has been rather immature. Continue reading

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Will Noem’s Driving Record Matter?

JEREMY FUGLEBERG: Kristi Noem has a lead foot and doesn’t show up in court. Those are the facts, unearthed by a South Dakota television station examining the traffic records of this year’s crop of candidates for public office.

The Republican candidate for South Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House has racked up 20 speeding tickets, six failures to appear in court and two arrest warrants, as well as three stop sign violations and no driver’s license.

Who cares, right? Everyone speeds, it’s no big deal.

Yet it’s a particularly big deal in South Dakota, where Noem is fighting Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin for a seat vacated by “Wild Bill” Janklow, a Republican and South Dakotan political titan notorious for fast and furious driving.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Yes, I know Wild Bill Janklow lost the very House seat now in question over driving, and Kristi Noem, running for that seat, has 20 speeding tickets on her record since 1989.

It’s not going to matter one bit. We aren’t living in times prosperous enough for it to matter. Continue reading

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NJ-GOV: Christie Tops Corzine

CHRIS PUMMER: How Chris Christie navigates this challenge will possibly shape the future of the Republican party in New Jersey for the next decade, if not the next generation. By beating back the Democratic machine in his state, Christie has earned Republicans a chance demonstrate they know how to govern.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Ultimately, too many Democrats just didn’t like Jon Corzine enough.
Continue reading

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Election 2009: Perpetual Post Predictions:

The Perpetual Post’s panel of political contributors expect Jon Corzine and Michael Bloomberg to hold their seats in elected office, Doug Hoffman to fade despite the hype, gay marriage to survive in Maine and Creigh Deeds to lose big in the Commonwealth. Continue reading

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Can Daggett Win?

CHRIS PUMMER: While Chris Daggett may be soaring — relatively — in the three-way race for the governorship of New Jersey, the third-party candidate who might be the best choice to govern still has little chance of winning.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Chris and I agree that Daggett, most likely, will not be the next Governor of New Jersey. We’ve seen too many races with the independent fading at the end, rather than coming on strong and pulling off the shocker. In other words, Jesse Ventura’s win is noteworthy because it is such a rarity.

However, I think the stars are best aligned for Lloyd as they’ve been for any third-party candidate for governor since Ventura a decade ago. Continue reading

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Throwing Chris Christie’s Weight Around

HOWARD MEGDAL: In an ideal world, we’d decide elections with thoughtful, Lincoln-Douglas debates, deeply-researched position papers, and an educated electorate.

JEFF MORROW: Chris Christie is fat, all right. But can we get back to having an election for Governor? Please? Continue reading

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Corzine v. Christie

CHRIS PUMMER: Jon Corzine still lags behind Chris Christie in polls of the New Jersey governor’s race. But there are a lot of reasons embattled incumbent Corzine should be happy to be within striking distance.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I can see why the huge deficit in the polls would lead you to think Corzine is holding back. But anyone who has watched television in Philadelphia or New York can tell you- this one’s been ugly for weeks. Continue reading

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Governor Corzine: Underdog OR Favorite?

HOWARD MEGDAL: It seems counterintuitive to suggest that Jon Corzine, a Democratic governor with limitless resources in a deep blue state like New Jersey, is the underdog in November’s matchup against Republican Chris Christie. But underdog he is.

CHRIS PUMMER: The polls say Corzine is in trouble, but what the numbers don’t say is that the incumbent governor has plenty of advantages working in his favor. Continue reading

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