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Toxic Red Sox

CHRIS PUMMER: Despite the frenzy created by the Boston Globe’s report that Red Sox pitchers were drinking beer, playing video games and ordering fried chicken during games, those extra-curricular activities likely had nothing to do with the team’s stunning September collapse. Continue reading

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Mets, Molina and Matthews

CHRIS PUMMER: Neither letting Bengie Molina slip away or throwing a few buck to the Angels for Gary Matthews Jr. is an awful decision in isolation. But when you add those moves together, what does it say about how the Mets spend money?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Chris Pummer, you live in a Bobby Kennedy Mets World, where you ask why not, rather than the reality-based Mets world, where I ask how to minimize paralyzing errors. In that world, Bengie Molina was a mistake. Continue reading

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