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Should Oliver Perez get a chance to start?

CHRIS PUMMER: No. That should have been the short and direct answer the Mets gave Oliver Perez with the lefty with hefty paychecks and reluctance to accept coaching when he said he wanted to again be considered for the team’s rotation. Continue reading

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Mets-Phillies Rivalry

DAVE TOMAR: Ahhhh. To go back to those halcyon days in September 2007, when the animus hung over the Tristate area like an acid rain cloud almost as big as the actual acid rain cloud that hangs over the Tristate area. As the Phillies mounted the biggest late-season comeback in team history, the Mets sat on the cushiest division lead ever pissed away in the annals of baseball ignominy. Blowing a 7 game lead with 17 games to play, the Mets surrendered the division and a trip to the playoffs to the Phillies. Erasing the lingering memory of those 1964 Phillies, previous holders of the all time greatest choking, the Mets hacked esophageal fluids all over the finish line.

Dave is right when he argues that the Mets-Phillies rivalry has largely subsided. But I believe that is simply an on-field phenomenon, with the emotions ready to ignite anew should the Mets get their act together. Continue reading

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Jason Bay and the Long Term

CHRIS PUMMER: Despite the well-noted flaws with his glovework, Jason Bay represents a pretty solid buy for the Mets as they look to recover from an awful 2009.

HOWARD MEGDAL: So compared to the seven year, $120 million commitment the Cardinals gave Matt Holliday, the signing of Jason Bay is a comparatively decent move for the Mets.

The better choice would have been to sign neither. Continue reading

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Roy Halladay: Worth the Farm?

CHRIS PUMMER: Unless that prospects bound for the Hall of Fame are going to help win games you very soon, you have to be willing to pull the trigger on a Halladay trade.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I don’t disagree with Chris’s point in the abstract whatsoever. Indeed, I was wholeheartedly in favor of both the Sabathia and Santana deals- particularly Santana, who fell to the Mets for secondary prospects at best.

But there are a pair of factors that have me thinking twice about Roy Halladay. Continue reading

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WBC: Highlighting Baseball’s Best/Putting Baseball’s Best at Risk

The WBC can make baseball a truly global game.

STEPHON JOHNSON: As the World Baseball Classic attempts to make our pastime truly global, MLB organizations’ reluctance to send players stunts the sport’s growth.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Baseball,…

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