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Karl Rove and Sarah Palin

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: If there’s anything that can bring a wan smile to my lips during this rather depressing post-election season, it’s watching high-ranking conservatives attempt to be dignified when they are forced to comment upon the never-ending antics of Sarah Palin. Had John McCain known what he was unleashing upon the world (and his party) by nominating Palin as his running mate two long years ago, I have to wonder whether he would have perhaps chosen someone else.

CHRIS PUMMER: Rove knows the score. He also knows how to round up the cash. And he knows how to navigate politics. And doing the last with the general electorate means having to tame the Tea Party.

I wouldn’t bet against him others like him behinds the scenes of GOP politics to be able to do it. Continue reading

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The Palin-Miller E-mails

HOWARD MEGDAL: Make no mistake about it: the real takeaway from the e-mails between the Joe Miller for U.S. Senate campaign and Todd Palin is that Sarah Palin is planning to run for President of the United States.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Like Howard, I’m pretty sure that Sarah Palin is planning a run for the presidency in 2012. At various times I anticipate this announcement with fear, rage, excitement and slavering anticipation. But my main takeaway from Todd Palin’s email to Joe Miller was mainly this: Todd Palin is a jerk.
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Primary Night Extravaganza

HOWARD MEGDAL: With Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware, the prospects for a Republican Senate takeover became bleaker. But the real story is that it provides yet another example of just how dangerous this path is long-term for the Republican Party in the years that follow 2010.

JESSICA BADER: The stunning outcome of the Republican gubernatorial primary in New York appears similar on the surface to what happened in Delaware, but the likely effects are very different. This was not a case where one candidate was a prohibitive favorite to win the general election and the other stood little chance to do so – Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was almost certain to win in November no matter which Republican candidate prevailed tonight. However, the victory of Carl Paladino, a Buffalo-area businessman best known for forwarding offensive e-mails and proposing that prisons be converted into dormitories for welfare recipients, by a nearly two-to-one margin over former Representative Rick Lazio could cause problems for the GOP further down the ticket – something of a problem when the party is targeting multiple House seats held by Democrats and trying to win back the state senate. Continue reading

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Dems Going For It In Alaska?

JESSICA BADER: Should Joe Miller prevail over Lisa Murkowski once all of the absentee ballots are counted, this is absolutely a race that national Democratic groups should prioritize. Alaska is a much less expensive media market than most of the other states with contested Senate races this November (the roughly half a million dollars that the Tea Party Express spent on Miller during the primary race is a big deal by Alaska standards), and only New York and Hawaii have higher rates of union membership.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I certainly agree with what Jessica said above, but there is a larger point to be made as well, I think. No election is in the bag- these parties owe it to themselves to have the best possible candidates, given the uncertainties of politics. Continue reading

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